The 2010-2011 Pantsless Fantasy Football Throwdown

Finally, it has arrived. The summer drought is coming to an end and football season is upon us. There’s something about this time of year that seems to make everything that much better. Grilling out with your friends, throwing on your favorite hoodie, drinking a cold beer. Call me your stereotypical ‘guy’ but Fall is right around the corner, and hot damn, I’m ready for some football!

There’s something else about this time of year during the calm before the storm. We’re all optimistic. We’re all hopeful. We’re all confident that OUR team can win on any given Sunday (even you St. Louis fans). Every year there’s that team that sort of came out of nowhere and every year we’re confident that this year can be THE year.

And with the REAL NFL season comes the one behind the scenes. Ah yes, I’m talking Fantasy Football.

I’ve been an active Fantasy Football player for the past 5 years and love every minute of it. There’s no way I’d be even the slightest bit interested in the Cleveland – Jacksonville game on Thursday Night Football in October if it wasn’t for Fantasy Football. There’s no way I’d watch a second of the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day if I wasn’t banking on a two-touchdown day from Calvin Johnson. Fantasy Football adds meaning to every game – and that’s what keeps me coming back.

The Pantsless Fantasy Throwdown

And so, without further ado, I’m opening the doors to the 2010-2011 ‘Pantsless Fantasy Throwdown’. A 12-man (or woman) throwdown for all the pride, all the glory, all the cash, and a little something extra.

Here are the important details:

  • $25.00 buy in (required for entry into league)
  • 12-person league
  • Standard ESPN Fantasy scoring (with PPR, TEAM Defense – no individual players)
  • Slightly modified 8-person playoff bracket (to allow a couple more teams into the end-of-season-mix)
  • League Champion walks away with $300.00

To the winner goes the spoils

In addition to the $300 jackpot, I mentioned the winner would be getting ‘a little something extra’ – so, to sweeten the pot, The League Champion will also receive a FREE custom blog design courtesy of MATTCHEVY. If (or when) I win, I’ll select one of the league members at random to be the winner of the free design. If YOU win, and don’t have a need for a custom design – I’ll let you pick a deserving friend of your choice.

The league is open to the FIRST 12 PEOPLE who commit and pay their $25.00 entry-fee (via Paypal). So, this WILL fill up fast.

Want in?

If you are interested in joining – leave a comment below, DM me on Twitter, or send me an e-mail with your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. I’ll get in touch with you about next steps.

Let the games begin!


Round 1 of the PANTSLESS FANTASY THROWDOWN is now full! If you are interested in getting on the list for a potential “Second” League – please leave your information below or get in touch with me and I’ll get you added to the list.