How to Make a Dent in the Universe

Nashville sunset

Several months ago, I was approached by a publisher who asked, “Have you ever wanted Life Without Pants to be a book?” – To which I immediately replied, “Hell yes”. It was almost as if the writing gods were watching down on me, knowing that I had been a little burnt out with my own writing, and told me “Don’t give up!”

Over the next several weeks I put together an outline, an introduction, and a “sample chapter”. The publisher’s rep and I went back and forth through an editing process and ultimately, when decision-day came, I was told they’d gone in a different direction. A big fat “no” – which I’ll be honest, in that moment, really sucked.

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Resolve (Choose) to Lead in 2015.

Proof Branding - Matt Cheuvront

In just a few short days we’ll be closer to the year 2030 than we are to the year 2000.

Yes, it’s almost 2015. Depending on your perspective, this is either terrifying or wildly exciting.

Having just come back from the holidays with family up North, I was inevitably asked, “What are your resolutions for 2015?” – Raise your hand if you were asked something similar. Yes, by now I’m sure nearly all of your hands are raised.

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Adjusting the Sails

Mat Cheuvront

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve written a word here at Life Without Pants. As much as you may have missed me, I can assure you, I’ve missed you – and this place – much more.

But I haven’t “gone” anywhere, I can assure you that. More than anything, I’ve been busy changing (in a good way), thinking, tinkering, iterating, and adjusting the sails to chart a course for what’s next.

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Care more than you need to.


“Care. Care more than you need to, more often than expected, more completely than the other guy.” - Seth Godin

I spent one morning last week sipping a Cortado at my favorite local coffee shop, working through a stack of business cards I had collected from a recent conference I attended.

A few hours later and after more than 50 emails sent, I started getting some replies. Inevitably, as personal as my emails were, I received several responses that prefaced their response with, “I don’t have a budget to work with you right now”.

This wasn’t shocking, of course. I, too, have been “solicited” mightily over the years after attending an event. But it got me thinking about the way the “real world” works – and how transactions have jaded us from building valuable relationships.

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We keep building.

Proof - we keep building

“It’s really hard. It’s intense. It’s a struggle. It’s ambiguous. It changes a lot. It’s all consuming. It’s a lot of sausage making. It’s working weekends to hit numbers and dates. It’s stretching people beyond their comfort zone. It’s insisting on doing it better even when it’s already pretty good. It’s being brutally honest about gaps and weaknesses. It’s one day you’re headed in one direction and the next day another, because the first move wasn’t the best move. It’s being ok with things not working because that creates opportunities to learn how to fix it.”Jason Goldberg, CEO, Fab

I run a startup. We’ve been around almost four years now and without a doubt the past 12 months have been the most difficult. I’ve talked before about managing the entrepreneurial ebb and flow and recently the roller-coaster has felt more like the Grizzly River Rampage (that’s a subtle reference for my fellow Nashville natives but to the rest of you, it means it’s been exciting, but to be honest, downright terrifying).

Jason Goldberg recently wrote on the topic of being a “fucking” startup. It’s refreshing to hear that, in a world that’ll lead you to believe everything is incredible and creative and awesome (and don’t get me wrong, it often is one or all of those thing) – that running and being a part of a startup is hard, even downright terrifying.

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