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How to Make a Dent in the Universe

Several months ago, I was approached by a publisher who asked, “Have you ever wanted Life Without Pants to be a book?” – To which I immediately replied, “Hell yes”. It was almost as if the writing gods were watching down on me, knowing that I had been a little burnt out with my own ...

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Resolve (Choose) to Lead in 2015.

Resolutions are synonymous with solutions. To resolve is to solve. So instead of thinking about something you’re going to “try to do better” in 2015 – think about what you’ll solve. How can you lead change, as Godin puts it? While the rest of your world huddles and hold back, how can you – how will you – stand out? How will you lead?

2 mins

Adjusting the Sails

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve written a word here at Life Without Pants. As much as you may have missed me, I can assure you, I’ve missed you – and this place – much more.

But I haven’t “gone” anywhere, I can assure you that. More than anything, I’ve been busy changing (in a good way), thinking, tinkering, iterating, and adjusting the sails to chart a course for what’s next.

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Care more than you need to.

You don’t need to care. You can make a lot of money and be ridiculously successful and leave “caring” at the door. But how empty would that success feel? How much more meaning can you give to your work – to your life, if you take the time to care?

3 mins

We keep building.

I run a startup. We’ve been around almost four years now and without a doubt the past 12 months have been the most difficult. I’ve talked before about managing the entrepreneurial ebb and flow and recently the roller-coaster has felt more like the Grizzly River Rampage (that’s a subtle reference for my fellow Nashville natives but to the rest of you, it means it’s been exciting, but to be honest, downright terrifying).

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