Living entrepreneurially is about working smarter and living better. Life Without Pants is itself a metaphor for living without restrictions. And by the way, this site is totally (mostly) safe for work. A self-made entrepreneur, I’ve spent the past several years living the “new” American dream, one that doesn’t involve climbing the corporate ladder or holding out for that gold watch and retirement plan – instead, paving my own road, learning new things, living fully, and taking on new challenges each day. Where you’ve found yourself is an honest account of my adventure – my noble and humble pursuit of passion and purpose.

My writing has been featured in:

Forbes, Inc Magazine, Mashable,, Fast Company, The Young Entrepreneur Council, DIY Themes, Copyblogger, Fox Business, Yahoo, and, most likely, that one blog you know and love. No, not that cooking blog, the other one.

I’ve worked with amazing brands ranging from:

Coffee shops, lawyers, marketing agencies, yoga instructors, craft breweries, authors, national nonprofits, pest-control companies, life coaches, tech startups, financial planners, career consultants, charter schools, boutique chocolate sellers, real-estate firms, and social entrepreneurs.

I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife and awesome dogs, running marathons, drinking craft beer, and reveling in my knowledge of Saved by the Bell. Don’t try me on that last one.