Introducing: The Epiphany Moment

We are defined not by who we are, but what we do. Think back to a time when you overcame a great obstacle – you set a goal for yourself, you were faced with challenge and adversity, and through your own determination and perseverance, you overcame, conquered, and stood tall. How did that challenge shape you into who you are today? What did you learn? What was that moment like when everything “came together”?

What about a time when you felt completely helpless? When a loved one passed away, when you-yourself were faced with an unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstance. How did it impact you? What  did you do to embrace that change?

It’s these life-changing and often-times trying “moments” that define who we are and shape what we become. The Epiphany Moment is a time in your life when everything makes sense – when you have an “ultimate realization” when for, even for a brief moment, you “get it”.

Enter you…all of you. Each and every one of us have had one, or many of these moments throughout our life. Several months ago I reached out to many of my friends in the online space and asked them to share one of those moments from the world. The result? A culmination of inspiration from 30 people from literally all over the world, from all different backgrounds, with very different stories to tell.

Who’s involved? How about Jackie Adkins, Kevin Asuncion, Leah Barr, Lindsay Berglund, Jenny Blake, Grace Boyle, Floreta Cui, Rebecca Denison, Elisa Doucetter, John Drozdal, Steve Elder, Melissa Foster, Sharalyn Hartwell, Adriana Hernandez, Emily Jasper, Bryna Jones, Samantha Karol, Karla Mercado, Tiffany Monhollon, Ben Morton, Courtney Olson, Marcos Salazar, Sarah Soczka, Ryan Stephens, Lindsey Tramuta, Kelly Whalen, & Jennie White.

And this is only the beginning…I had the opportunity to work with some amazing people (namely Tim Jahn and Courtney Olson) who contributed their video-editing and musical-talent skills to this project and I PROMISE the final “product” will be presented in a truly innovative way you’ve never seen before – allowing you to not only enjoy and share with others, but to become a part of this “project” yourself. The beauty of The Epiphany Moment is that there is no end – each and every one of you can be a part of this, and I hope you will.

The Epiphany Moment goes live on Tuesday, March 2nd! Mark your calenders, I PROMISE you will not want to miss it…