Three (Awesome) Green Business Innovators

Below are three green businesses/organizations/awareness groups (who are also engrossed in the twitter-sphere) that you should know about. I recommend getting to know each of these and showing some support to businesses in your area that are doing their part to save the planet.

yourenew (@YouRenew)

Have an old stereo sitting in the back of a closet? What about one of those old-school first generation b&w IPods? DVD’s that are sitting on the shelf but you know you’ll never watch them again? Now you can recycle your old electronics and, better yet, get paid to do it! Do a little spring cleaning, downsize those old electronics, do your part to save the planet, and make a little money. What’s not to love? Head over to their website and get started today:


Green Fleet Messengers (@greenfleet)

Green Fleet Messengers is a Nashville based bicycle courier service. The company is taking an ‘old school’ (and environmentally friendly) approach to package delivery – specializing in same day and rush deliveries for legal, medical, and professional clients. Green Fleet offers an affordable and sustainable delivery solution that prevents pollution, promotes alternative transportation, and reduces traffic congestion. Our cities would be much less congested and polluted if there were more ‘Green Fleets’ in the world. Easy + Fast + Green – sounds pretty good to me. If you are in the Nashville area, check out their website:


Water –  Use It Wisely (@WUIW)

Water – Use it Wisely is an international water conservation campaign providing simple tips to help you save water. When it comes to ‘being green’ and saving the planet, it can seem almost impossible to figure out where to begin. More times than not, people are in the mindset that a small change in habit here or there won’t amount to much, but in order to see big changes, we have to start with the little things. WUIW headlines with ‘There are a number of ways to save water, and they all start with you’. The organization’s website provides a comprehensive list of over 100 ways to conserve water. Tips range from shortening shower time, efficiently watering the lawn, and saving water while washing the dishes. Each item on this list is a surprisingly simple thing that you can do to make a difference. For the complete list, and much more information on water conservation, swing by the website and make a personal commitment to change a few habits:

GET INVOLVED: Share some green/eco-friendly businesses and organizations in your area. Who should we know about? What green-biz innovators are changing the way we look at the corporate world? Please comment and spread the good word about your favorite green business or resource!grassbanner3