That Childlike Wonder

As kids, before Nintendo, before computers, before the Internet, things were a lot simpler.

Me? I was a Lego man myself. I’d sit in my room for hours building these epic castle/spaceship/pirate setups, only to create some imaginative story about how it all came together which inevitably lead to all the lego men fighting to the death with a hero (me) rising victorious, getting the girl (even though she had cooties) and riding into the sunset on his little lego horse, which of course, could fly.

For me it was Lego’s – for you, it may have been something different. But as kids, there was this innate possibility and curiosity in everything we did. We could create anything our imagination could think of. There were no boundries. No restrictions.

Of course, as we get older we can’t live our lives playing with Lego’s all day – but we can take that imagination, that wonder, that curiosity, and apply it to our daily lives.

I love the video above. It’s a reminder that every day can be an adventure. The way you approach your job, the way you build relationships, the new things you discover about yourself – that’s what life is all about. The “real world” may be full of bills, commitments, and responsibilities, but it doesn’t have to slow you down from doing, well, whatever you want to do.

So let today be a reminder that today, tomorrow, and every day after is an adventure. Full of wonder and imagination – maybe even spaceships and castles, just like those good ‘ol Lego-playing days.

The pieces are in front of you – now is the time to start building.