100 Word Book Review: David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing & PR

Readers Digest Version (100 words)

New Rules of Marketing & PR

I read “New Rules” over course of a few hours on a Sunday morning – it’s an easy to digest, straight to the point read that hits hard on two major points: 1) New media is here – its real – and EVERY company (even yours) should be out there blogging and using Social Media. 2) Tools are constantly changing and with that, so should your marketing and PR approach. A someone who’s very connected to this “online world” – I still found great value in Scott’s book. Highly recommended for anyone, especially business-owners looking to make their first splash into the online world.

The Long Version (462 words)

As promised, in an effort to keep true to my “resolution” of reading at least one new book per month – I kicked things off with David Meerman Scott’s “New Rules of Marketing and PR” – which was actually handed down to my by my current boss.

The title of the book speaks volumes. In today’s world of technological innovation – the Web 2.0 world (primarily blogging and Social Media) is changing the rules of how we approach marketing and PR. Here are three of my key takeaways from Scott’s book:

The web is different. Instead of one-way interruption, Web marketing is about delivering useful content at just the precise moment that the buyer needs it.

Web 2.0 is all about conversation – we blog – we engage on Social Media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook because we have a voice that we want other people to hear. The “new rules” encourage this two-way communication. Gone are the days of talking AT your readers and customers – today’s mantra is to talk WITH them – spark conversation and provide a platform that facilitates discussion.

Businesses will live or die on original content. If you are creating truly useful content for your customers, you’re going to be seen in a great light and with a great spirit – you’re setting the table for new business. The vast majority of companies don’t seem to care.

This is a critical point. Whether you’re a business, a blogger, or both – you live and die by the content you create. Becoming a thought leader isn’t about necessarily being the expert – it’s about knowing what content your community wants and being able to deliver it WHEN they want it – at that precise time – even if the customer or reader doesn’t know they want it yet. Thought leadership is unique, timely, and innovative.

Developing thought leadership requires the company to “think like the buyer” and publish content that directly serves a need or want. Find out what the most important things your customers are searching for, reading, and talking about.

No one likes the “me me me” approach – and while it’s extremely important to remain genuine and show a little personality (two values Scott hits on repeatidly) – you should not be writing about YOUR company, YOUR product, and YOUR life. You need to be writing with the intent to present a benefit to your audience. What’s in it for them? Why should they take the time to read your post, respond to a question, or buy your product? Once you tap into the psyche of your community, the rest will fall into place.

Overall, I highly recommend checking out New Rules of Marketing & PR. Scott presents his material in an easy to digest way that would prove useful to any blogger, entrepreneur, or business-owner.

Have you read New Rules of Marketing & PR? What were your takeaways? What other books have you read this month?