I’m not the best.

Bike race

I’m not the best. Neither are you.

I know that I’m not the best at what I do. You can work with other branding and design companies that have more experience. You can read the words from other writers who are far more eloquent and well versed than yours truly. You can follow leaders who have spent far more time earning the trust of their tribe. You can go for a run with someone who’s going to push you a helluva lot harder than I’ll ever be able to.

But if I dwell on this – if I dwell on my inability to be the best, I’d be giving up on striving to get there. If I only ran with a group I could leave in my 8 1/2 minute mile dust, I wouldn’t get faster. If I didn’t push myself to lead my team at Proof with confidence, I wouldn’t earn their trust. If I hadn’t bought a domain and started scrawling my ideas – if I never had the guts to hit “publish”, well, none of you would be reading this.

I’m not the best. Neither are you. But the beauty of it is that no one really is. No one is the definitive best but it’s those who are always in pursuit of “best” that get ahead. That you respect. That we follow.

You pursue “best” by surrounding yourself with better. You pursue “best” by doing the little things ridiculously well. You pursue “best” by wanting to be best – and putting in the effort, in everything you do, to get there.

When you dwell in the potential and possibility of being the best – the sky’s the limit in your life-long pursuit of getting better.