The Six Things You Need to ‘Make It Happen’

We collectively talk a lot about “making it happen”. Whatever “it” is, let’s face it, we want it to happen, but we’re not sure how to get there. We want to start a business, move to a new place, try something different, but can’t wrap our head around what it’ll take to get from point A to point B.

This week, I’ll be launching a new venture – a packaged service model specifically designed to help you, and anyone, who’s ready to turn their brilliant business idea into a reality. I’ve realized my passion is helping others live the life they want to live by providing the guidance, and more importantly, the tools, that allow them to do whatever it is they want to do.

So what does it take to “make it happen?” I believe It can be paired down to these six things:

  • An idea (preferably a good one).
  • A tangible product or service (in other words, don’t slap the “consultant” label on yourself out of the gate). Find something that you can sell – if it’s more ambiguous, think about how you can package your services in a way that is marketable and easy to digest.
  • (Some) money. It’s the one thing that no one ever mentions, but yes, money matters. Before you walk into your bosses office this afternoon and give him the finger, make sure you have your head wrapped around your current financial situation. And don’t be afraid to make an initial investment to get your idea kick-started. Remember, all good investments pay off in the end. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.
  • Support. Be it your spouse, friends, grandma, or dog, share your brilliant idea with someone, anyone, and get them excited about your plan. The support, passion, and love from someone else – having someone on your “team”, is invaluable, especially during those moments that you feel failure is inevitable.
  • A deadline. A deadline to leap from wherever you are today. If you’re here and you want to be “there”, whatever and wherever THERE is, you need a deadline. A date. A time. Something finite that will keep you from saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Get that deadline in your head, write it down somewhere, slap a post-it on the fridge, and get to work.
  • A dream. A big goal. A future destination. Because no journey should begin without at least a vision of where it will take you. The journey may take you somewhere entirely different, but without a vision of what you want to become or where you want to be, it’s incredibly difficult to get there. Think of this dream not as a map, but as a compass that will point you in the right direction and keep you focused.

Making it happen isn’t going to be easy, but if it matters, it will without a doubt be worth it.

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