How Can You Go Green? (In 140 Characters or Less)


The focus of this ‘Green Week’ journey is primarily to reach out to the community and get some folks thinking about developing and embracing  a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Hopefully, this week at Life Without Pants has been and will continue to be a learning experience for many of you – and my hope is that there are some habits and ideas you can take away and implement into your own lives. Yesterday, I reached out to the Twitter community and asked them to provide one (1) simple tip for going green – I encouraged creativity, and of course, I was not disappointed. Below are 21 of the responses and replies I received. With Cool People Care’s EH2ED campaign starting this Saturday, we are all challenged to try something and establish a new habit each day. If there ever was a lack on inspiration, you’ve got 21 ideas to get you started (showering with your lady [or man] friend is always an especially…fun way to be more environmentally conscious). Thanks to everyone who stepped it up and got involved!


  1. @jdoron11 – I use glass containers to pack my lunch – no plastic or bags and I can freeze and microwave in them!
  2. @MondayNight – Buy organic milk to avoid growth hormones. Organic milk tastes so much better anyway.
  3. @EvaRykr – Brita rather than bottled water!
  4. @JunLoayza – Ride a bike to work.
  5. @katiepm – Say “no” to ATM receipts.
  6. @Tbenedetti – Help the environment, save money and brighten your home all at the same time w/ daylighting!
  7. @GreenestDollar – Use a French press instead of electric coffee maker: saves energy, skips paper filters, and you can easily reuse grounds.
  8. @JunLoayza – Take showers with your girlfriend to conserve water.
  9. @RoughDraftBeer – Avoid washing your clothes at all costs!
  10. @BuildBabyBuild – Drive 55 mpg. Fastest, largest impact overall.
  11. @Jennyferry – Use cloth napkins. We do, it makes mealtime seem special!
  12. @Ashleymittman – Download your software instead of buying it when you can.
  13. @Clean4cheap – Get rid of toxic cleaning supplies
  14. @samdavidson – Go to YouTube and search for “dunk bag”
  15. @AmyPredsFan – Use Kroger (reusable canvas) bags when you bag your groceries. You’ll get 5 bonus points for Kroger fuel each time (with PlusCard).
  16. @maddiemarie –  Make your own cleaning supplies. lemon, baking soda & vinegar save money and they are non-toxic! or just don’t clean at all
  17. @nicholaswyoung – Quit breathing. According to the EPA, it works wonders.
  18. @YouRenew – Have an e-waste recycling party with your friends and family. Bring old computers and batteries over to a local recycling facility.
  19. @jamievaronBring your own coffee mug to the coffee shop, so you don’t waste cups.
  20. @lovernla – Buy groceries in bulk. For instance, yogurt in large tubs can be scooped into Ziploc containers. Better for your wallet and the less waste!
  21. @NashvilleBen – Unplug the charger when the battery you’re charging is full and don’t recharge again until it dies. this is good for battery life too!

Which one is your favorite? I promised the most creative one a free Cool People Care t-shirt – and a CPC t-shirt they shall recieve! But I want to make my selection as objective as possible. Help me out by picking the best ‘green tip’ – and while you’re at it, share one of your own!

As Green Week rolls on, continue getting involved with the other ongoing conversations, and head over to the Kickoff post to learn how you can win some free stuff just by getting involved. Tip: You automatically get an entry into the ongoing contest for commenting on ANY Green Week thread, AND when you sign up for the LWP Post. If you love Life Without Pants, and you love winning free stuff – get involved and spread the word!