Chasing Butterflies

There’s this feeling I get…

Some may call it butterflies. Others may call it a nervous anticipation. But it’s the feeling I get when I’m about to do something big. When I’m taking a chance. Taking a risk. Walking into the unknown. Figuring things out. Going against the grain. Daring to be bold.

I never feel it when I know exactly what I’m doing. No. It’s when I don’t have a clue.

When I hope. When I put everything I have into something – knowing that success or failure isn’t what matters, it’s that I’ve tried. That I’ve done. That a whole-hearted attempt has been made.

It’s the feeling I get when I know I’m doing something right. When something matters. Really matters. When as difficult as a decision may be, I know without a doubt, it’s the right one.

It’s impossible to explain, but when it hits you, the feeling is undeniable. Because so much of life is spent without it. You wake up, go to work, live the life you think you have to live, the one you’re supposed to, but then, like a shining beacon, you’re faced with a choice, an option, a decision.

And those butterflies start fluttering in your stomach. Your heart races. Your palms sweat. Your emotions are volatile. You can’t sleep. You guess and second guess, but only because you want things to be perfect.

Then you realize, that the most perfect things in life are never perfect. That the beauty is in the ugly. The hustle. The flow of figuring it out.

This inexplicable, undeniable feeling? This gut check? It’s there to remind you that you’re doing something right.

When you feel it, don’t fight it. Focus on it. And every time you’re doubting your capacity, wondering why you ever took the leap in the first place, remember this feeling. Remember the butterflies.

They’re there to remind you what life is all about…

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