Are You A Fighter?

I’m a fighter. Not a real fighter – I’ve never been in an “actual” fight (call it not wanting to get my ass kicked). But a fighter in the metaphorical sense of the word.

I got fired from my job in January – but even before that day, I was fighting for a better life – a life in which I could feel more personally fulfilled – that day in January was my “tipping point” – it changed everything and every day since I’ve hustled and pushed myself to do more, work hard and be at my best.

When a boxer steps into the ring, he knows he’s going to get the snot beat out of him. And he (or she) is okay with that. Why? Because they’re fighters. They know their are going to be bumps in the road, bloody noses, cracked ribs – but they love what they do – it’s what they’ve signed up for – and that drives them, motivates them, to be at their best.

That day in January was my “tipping point” – it was the scene in Rocky 2 when Appollo and Rocky are both trying to stand up and Rocky makes it to his feet just before the bell rings.

Since then, I’ve kept fighting – kept pushing forward – striving to be at my best, taking on new challenges and finding out what I’m capable of, what I’m good at, and what’s best left for others to handle. Through the ups and downs, the Clubber Langs and the Dragos, even the Tommy Guns, at 25 years old I’m in a better place today than I’ve ever been.

Does that make me so different from you? Probably not. But it’s the atttude of being a fighter, embracing challenges and obstacles, and continuing to put my best foot forward in the face of adversity that has directly contributed to my success. It’s led me to a where I am today. A beautiful wife, a beautiful job, and a beautiful life.

That’s the beauty of continuing to fight when everyone else is telling you to throw in the towel. That’s the beauty in being different.

Are you a fighter? What obstacles have you overcome this year? How will you keep “defending your title” in 2011?

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