Adjusting the Sails


I can’t believe it’s been nearly 4 months since I’ve written a word here at Life Without Pants. As much as you may have missed me, I can assure you, I’ve missed you – and this place – much more.

But I haven’t “gone” anywhere, I can assure you that. More than anything, I’ve been busy changing (in a good way), thinking, tinkering, iterating, and adjusting the sails to chart a course for what’s next.

I read this from my friend Sarah Bray a while back:

“I am embarrassed to keep changing, to keep moving, to keep adjusting the sails. And I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I want everyone to think I know what I’m doing…that I’ve figured it out somehow. But I don’t, and none of us do, and it’s beautiful. So where’ve I been? Right here…”

We (collectively) are deathly afraid of reinventing ourselves.

We build up a platform that’s successful and/or we settle into a place that feels comfortable, and at every opportunity, we have to potentially do something better or greater, we retreat back to what “has been” – what’s less challenging, what won’t rock the boat.

So I guess my message – four months in the making – to you today, is to never, ever be afraid to reinvent yourself. Whether that be taking time off from a blog to redefine its direction and purpose, finding a new job that inspires you, moving to a new city that ignites you, or starting a new relationship that brings you joy.

Even if that means you quiet down for a while as you plan your next move. Even if that means the world sees a little bit less of you. Do it. Do whatever you believe to be best. Do what you must.

It’s not too late. It’s never too late – to redefine who you are and rediscover where you’re going. Keep changing direction. Keep moving. Keep doing whatever feels right. Keep adjusting the sails.