“I work really, really hard.”

Working hard is something we all do. But what about working smart? How can “smart work” lead to better work and, in turn, a better life? This pursuit of working smarter and living better is what drives me as an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, husband, father, and human being.

I started Life Without Pants in 2009 during one of the worst economic recessions in history. Jobs were scarce and life was tough. This site served as my “creative outlet” from the nine to five grind, and ever since, I’ve come back here to share honestly and transparently my work and life journey. Readers have been with me through job loss, marriage, the ups and downs of the startup life, and now growing and running a successful branding and design company based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Not to mention, thousands upon thousands of you have put up with my consistent nerd-out moments over 90’s pop culture.

My writing has been featured in top publications including Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Copyblogger, Mashable, Men’s Health, Fox Business, Yahoo, Wired, AdWeek, Yahoo, and Lifehacker.

I’ve spoken at conferences nationwide, from D.C. to Detroit, San Antonio to Chicago, Atlanta to Portland – about everything from education to entrepreneurship.

I’ve worked with companies and organizations around the world, from Fortune 500 companies to craft breweries, coffee shops to international nonprofits, schools to tech startups.


Life Without Pants is the pursuit, yours and my own, of working smarter and living better. It’s a safe-for-work metaphor for living “without restrictions”. I’m glad to have you here, and I hope you’ll stick around. Together, we can do some pretty incredible things.

For writing or speaking inquiries and/or if you are interested in working together, get in touch via email: matt@proofbranding.com

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