60 Minutes. 60 Things. What Will You Do This Earth Hour?

Earth Hour 2009

So Earth Hour is tonight (8:30 PM local time, wherever you are). This evening we’re called to turn off our lights, unplug the electronics, and go dark for 60 minutes to spark awareness for climate change. Some of you are probably asking, “What am I supposed to do for a whole hour without the TV, without Twitter and Facebook, without any lights?” Well fear not. Life Without Pants has compiled a comprehensive list of 60 things you can do during the 60 minutes of darkness. Do one, or if you’re feeling really wild – try them all!

  1. Start early. Who said Earth Hour only had to be an hour?
  2. Hand-wash your delicates.
  3. Gather family and friends for a night-picnic.
  4. Harness the combined romance of candlelight and eco-chivalry to pop the question.
  5. Debate whether one hour can trigger social change.
  6. Recite memorized poetry.
  7. Start a game of Monopoly – Then regret it. ‘It’s 4 in the morning Grandma, YOU WIN!’
  8. Go totally 18th-century and play charades by candlelight.
  9. Tell ghost stories. Go down to the basement in a negligee to investigate dark spooky corners.
  10. Debate over favorite mythical creatures. Unicorn, Minotaur, Gryphon, and so on (Unicorn wins every time).
  11. Dig out your Dungeons and Dragons dice for an atmospheric apocalyptic game.
  12. Prove to yourself that yes, you can go 60 minutes without updating your Twitter status.
  13. Take the dog out for a walk.
  14. Boycott venues that are still switched on.
  15. Reminisce about old school Nickelodeon shows and use phrases like ‘they don’t make em’ like they used to’.
  16. Make light masterpieces. Bring out the battery operated LiteBrite and create art with coloured pegs.
  17. Unplug chargers (laptop, cell phone, and so on).
  18. One Word. CLUE. Colonel Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick.
  19. One word: Fondue! You get a great meal, no electricity required.
  20. Cuddle in bed with someone you love (or at least like).
  21. Say to your neighbour, “Dude, this is so Amish.”
  22. Play a game of Chess. Master the ‘En Passant‘.
  23. Take a blanket outside, lay down, and look at the stars.
  24. Question: What will you do once the zombies come? Think about it.
  25. Make streetlight shadow puppets (yes, the streetlights stay on, for safety).
  26. If going out, do your makeup by candlelight. It’s harder than it seems. Pretend it’s eighties punk.
  27. Naked Twister Party? No?
  28. Don’t forget fitness. Practise naked yoga. Ok, last nude activity reference.
  29. Throw an indoor marshmallow roast (use shish-kebab skewers, mini-marshmallows, and a tea light).
  30. Write someone a hand-written letter (it really is a lost art these days).
  31. Take a relaxing bath by candlelight (preferably not alone – that’s how most horror movies start).
  32. Go for a run, or a brisk walk.
  33. Contemplate our dependency on technology. Count how many times you say ‘I should Tweet this’.
  34. Play the spoons while singing Soundgarden’s ‘Spoonman’.
  35. Go over to Mom’s house and look at old, embarrassing baby photos.
  36. Play dress-up in the dark. Don’t wear color-coordinated clothes.
  37. Think about changing a few habits during the other 364 days, 23 hours.
  38. Whistle ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ over and over for 60 minutes. Yeah, that’s not annoying.
  39. Turn down the heat a couple degrees (and keep it there).
  40. Knit, crochet, quilt, paint, or engage in some other crafty activity.
  41. Start watering you Chia Pet.
  42. Relax, take a nap, or just go ahead and go to bed early.
  43. Read a book by candlelight (or free book light if you happen to be a Snuggie owner).
  44. Talk about how you’re going to watch Twilight for the 7th time after Earth Hour is over.
  45. Soften your ice cream.
  46. Throw away all your hole-y socks.
  47. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer, take one down, pass it around….
  48. Try to come up with a list of 60 things you can do during next year’s Earth Hour. It’s not as easy as it looks!
  49. Master your origami skills.
  50. Build a cool fort out of cushions and blankets.
  51. Tell some ghost stories.
  52. M.A.S.H. your friends.
  53. Bust out the Ouija board, host a séance.
  54. (Another) One Word (or is it two?) – GLOWSTICKS!
  55. Print out this list (before Earth Hour) and read it out loud – should take at least 4-6 minutes to get through.
  56. Unplug appliances you rarely use (or even the coffee pot you use every morning).
  57. Change out your light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs.
  58. Invite your friends over for slightly-less illuminated evening of Texas Hold’em.
  59. Take your date somewhere discreet and make out.
  60. Why turn the lights back on? Leave them out for the rest of the night!

What will you do this Earth Hour? Whatever you do – do it in the dark!