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Your Crazy Idea.

“I can’t do it.”

“Everyone thinks I’m crazy.”

“I’m going to fail.”

“Who am I kidding?”

You get an idea and for a brief moment, you think it’s brilliant. But just as quickly, you convince yourself it can’t be done. The moment passes and the idea fades away. It happens time and time again – and perhaps in some ways for good reason (let’s face it if we pursued every wild idea we had we’d never actually get anything done).

But what about the idea that sticks with you? The business you want to start. The thing you want to try. The marathon you want to run. The change you want to create. The goal you want to achieve. The impact you want to have.

Those ideas – that idea – the one(s) that stick with you, that you can’t shake, may seem crazy, but there’s a reason that it won’t go away. It means you’re onto something. It’s a sign that you’ve discovered something that may in fact be crazy, so incredibly crazy that it’s begging to be pursued.

If you pursue every wild idea you have – you’d never get anything done. Similarly, and contrarily, if you never pursue any wild ideas you have, you’d never get anything done.

Where would you be today if you talked yourself out of every crazy idea you’ve ever had? You’d never have the job of your dreams. You’d never meet the love of your life. You’d never have published your book. You wouldn’t cross the finish line. You’d always be wondering, “what if?”

Take note of the words in John Mayer’s song about Walt Grace (and watch the video below):

“‘Cause when you’re done with this world,
You know the next is up to you.
And his wife told his kids he was crazy,
And his friends said he’d fail if he tried,
But with a will to work hard,
And a library card,
He took a homemade, fan-blade, one-man submarine ride.”

The funny thing about our craziest ideas? They’re usually our best ones.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, when you’re “done” with the world you find yourself in, (always) remember that the next is up to you.

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  1. Matt,

    I ended up online because of a crazy idea for a site called 100 reasons you should hire me. Everything else has been a byproduct of that. So crazy ideas lead you to interesting places.

    • Love it. My first crazy idea was to start this blog. Sounds, well, crazy, but most of where I am today all started then.

      And when I lost my job and started down the path of entrepreneurship, I ran what I thought at the time was a crazy idea that I called “slave for a day giveaway” – giving away my services for 24 hours. Little did I know I’d get over 100 warm leads for real, tangible work – which led to about 40 clients and in one fell swoop, about double the annual salary of the job I lost only days before.

      Here’s to tapping into the “crazy” a little more often!

  2. This is absolutely awesome and inspiring Matt! I am in a point on which I am thinking my biz plan is too crazy and doubting myself everysingle second.. after this, I feel a bit more confident! So what if its crazy? It is MY idea. What if I fail? At least I have done something and not just sit and wish I have done it.

    Just found your page a few days back and I am loving every post you’ve made. Thank you so so much for sharing all this info. I am getting Entrepreneur poster soon :) Have an awesome one and thanks again!

  3. Love it Matt! Reminds me i’m not the only one with crazy ideas :)
    When I had an idea to quit my banking job and travel the world, I and others thought it was crazy. But here I am and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have discovered that one crazy idea can lead to many amazing opportunities.

    • Wow Sophia! That takes a lot of pants’! I did that a while ago and left my job… was just awesome! I am glad for you ;)

  4. Hi Matt,

    Today I was searching Google for inspiration on how to write a quality ‘About Me’ page for my website ( and one -the best one- example was your about page.
    Article (

    I absolutely love how you write and I started browsing your blog and found this story. Its the story of my life. I always had ‘crazy ideas’ and every single one I wrote down in my ideas&plans notebook
    I am currently in process of starting up one of them :)

  5. Hey Matt! I am presenting your blog to my Public Relations Writing course this week as part of my final project and really wanted to get your opinion on a piece of advice you think College Students should know from you. I found your blog extremely helpful and motivating and want them to get the same out of it.


  6. Late to the party I know, but I want you to know this post made me immediately switch out of your site – and get to work. Put my freelancing & blog idea out there in the world, attended a daunting event, and decided to just do more.
    I also think I’ve developed a little crush on you. <3

  7. I just came across your blog and this was the first post I read…..I literally have been having this internal battle with myself for the past 24 hours! I always have crazy ideas, some I throw out, some I act upon and then immediately after start wondering if maybe I shouldn’t have!
    Just yesterday I acted on one of my “crazy ideas” and immediately the fear of failure hit me!! But that’s ok, because I am actually doing it and the more ideas I “ship” the easier it will be!
    Great post…..super inspiring!

  8. Great advice, as usual. I think we can be our own worst critic and our own “Debbie Downer” sometimes. The negative thoughts in our minds can be so convincing! Thanks for sharing a bit of your wisdom on how we can tap into our own wisdom. :)