Hola everyone and welcome to another Friday. We’re sharing not only some of the best blog reads the week, but also some other cool happenings and projects going on out there in the community. Enjoy, and feel free to share some great stuff you ran into this week in the comments below!


The Importance of Serving Your Customers Well | Blake Sunshine talks about the importance of customer service in today’s world, and in my opinion, solid service trumps price, even within our current economic situation.

Warning: Your Major is Not a Flotation Device | Nicole over at Ms. Career Girl writes a great piece, driving home the point that you’ll forever hold yourself back if your clinging to your major – and that it’s important to understand that a major doesn’t define your path.

An Unconventional Guide to Movement | Melissa kicks it off with a quote from yours  truly, and leaves you with the simple message that, at the end of the day, you just gotta’ write – don’t over-think it. If you love doing it – do it, that’s all that matters.

Offline: Where the Magic Happens | Short and sweet – Jackie Adkins talks about the importance of taking things offline (I strongly encourage it both personally and professionally).

The Forgotten Art of Research | Recently, David Spinks and I both wrote about the importance (or lack there of) when it comes to the “truth” of online content these days. Taking it a step further, David asks, “What’s happened to research”? A valid question – and it’s something I believe all of us will have to get much more comfortable with in the future as our readers demand more substance, and less “flash” and “buzz”.


New York Subway Gets Rick Rolled | Acapella. Rick Astley. New York Subway…Umm, awesome?

The Appreciation Revolution is Back | That’s right, Samantha Karol is bringing back the Appreciation Revolution for another round of…well, appreciation. Get on board and get involved with this awesome undertaking over at at Sam’s place.

The Plunge Project | Say goodbye o PRettySocial and hello to Nicole V’s new venture, ‘The Plunge Project’. If you’re in the midst of wedding planning (I’m less than a month away from the big day) or think you’ll be joining our club soon, keep tabs on Nicole’s new site.

Beyond the Pedway a Year Later | Tim Jahn has been doing some great things here in Chicago for the past year showcasing some of the most innovative and creative companies in the city. If you haven’t already, check out Beyond the Pedway today!

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