You Don’t Lose if You Win

If you know me, even a little bit, you know I find inspiration in the most un-inspirational things, but somehow, in a very strange way, I think that’s my gift as a writer and a thinker.

Another thing you know know about me is that I have an unmatched passion, borderline obsession for Saved by the Bell. Reruns have been running on TBS for 10+ years and somehow, someway, at 25 years old I still can’t seem to pull myself away from tuning in every morning at 6am.

The first step to accepting you have a problem is admitting it, right?

So as I was watching the “Cadet Program” episode yesterday, a line stuck out to me. For those of you who have seen it (and are still reading at this point), the episode comes to a close with Screech facing Butch in the Super Obstacle Course. How does Screech end up face to face with one of Bayside’s biggest jocks? A quick pep-talk by Zack Morris always does the trick.

In short, Zack tells Screech he won’t lose if he wins. And that it’s time to start believing in himself. I shed a tear.

Now this isn’t a post about believing in yourself (although of course that’s important) – instead, it’s about using what you have in front of you to do great things. It’s about, as Charlie Sheen so aptly put “Duh. Winning!”

Winning at achieving your goals. Winning at overcoming challenges and obstacles. Winning at life.

I always tell folks, especially those aspiring to be entrepreneurs, that step one is figuring out what you need. If this is the case, without a doubt, step two is realizing what tools are in front of you to work with.

What can you start doing right now, as in, right this minute, to start working toward your goals? What can you make happen today? What Super Obstacle Course can you conquer?

As my partner Sam so aptly puts today over on the Proof blog:

Michaelangelo had a ceiling, Banksy has concrete walls, Oprah had airtime on a local radio show. The work of genius that leads to success often starts when people look at what they have and get busy.

Screech didn’t have the muscles, he didn’t have the speed, but he did have the confidence – and that alone helped him overcome the fearsome Butch to achieve the ultimate goal of “getting the girl” (who was never to be seen again in a future episode).

A lesson learned from Screech and the gang at Bayside. You don’t lose if you win. Simple as that.

How will you win today?