You Don’t Have to be Rich to be an Entrepreneur

Rich with ideas

You don’t have to be rich to be an entrepreneur. 

You may think that you have to pay your dues. Put in your time. Climb the ladder. Save up money. All so that 20 years from now, you’ll be “ready” to take the leap.

Why? Because it’s what the vast majority of us were taught growing up. That entrepreneurship and business ownership is for folks who put in their time and have a lot of money.

But what we’re seeing, maybe now more than ever, is that drive and hustle, paired with a good idea, allows you and I the opportunity to shatter the myth that starting a business requires a lot of cash and a lot of experience.

What’s most interesting: The common thread among entrepreneurs these days? Their idea’s success is often a direct result of necessity.

Business are being started by folks who have been fired or laid off (see yours truly). Organizations are being developed by homeless individuals who recognize first-hand a need within their community. Empires are being constructed by those who are willing to take a bold leap – to give their idea a chance – ignoring the number in their bank account.

There may never be a “right” time. Sure – it make may more sense to save up for 10 years – but at the risk of sounding morbid, what if tomorrow never comes? What if you started hustling, moving, and shaking today as if there was no guarantee of tomorrow? Imagine what you would do. Imagine what you could accomplish.

Don’t let the potential of a future dictate your present.

Don’t let your bank account hold you back.

A mind rich with ideas and a heart rich with desire goes a long, long way.