Write for Yourself.

Today I’m back with my first video post in over a year. Since then I’ve gotten a little wiser and my hair’s gotten a little longer.

Hard to believe, but I’ve been writing here on LWP for four years now! It took me a couple of those years to really get to a place where I actually enjoyed writing.

That enjoyment came when I stopped trying to be a crowd pleaser and started writing, first and foremost, for myself. When I did, I found that I not only enjoyed writing more – but that the quality of my writing was far better and that, most importantly, my writing was relatable and was embraced by a more active, engaged audience. The result? A more involved readership and community that gave (and gives) a damn about what I have to say.

The quickest path to burnout as a writer is writing void of the most important thing: Yourself.

Damn, now I’ve gone and spoiled the entire video for you…