What’s Next, or What’s Now?

I’m a “project” guy. I’ve got to have something to do, somewhere to go, something to overcome. It’s in my nature not to be complacent, to take anything for granted, or to get too comfortable with where I am or what I’m doing.

It’s a blessing and a curse. My wife diagnoses me with “Life ADD” – a problem that has only one cure: Relax. Easier said than done for a young go-getter like me, right?

The thing about aspirations and goals is that they have the uncanny ability to overwhelm us – when you’re constantly thinking about what’s next, what’s ahead, where you’re going – you forget about the most important thing: How you’re going to get there.

So instead of constantly thinking about “what’s next”, how about we start thinking about “what’s now”?

Keep you goals in mind, write them down, pin them on the refrigerator – whatever you have to do to make sure you don’t lose track of the destination – but instead of focusing soley on the end result, start focusing on what you can do today, right now, that will directly contribute to your goals.

When you break down those BHAG’s (big hairy audacious goals) into smaller, easy to digest portions, suddenly those goals don’t seem quite as hairy – there’s less pressure looming over you, and you can free yourself of the “I have to get it all done today” stress that will forever hold you back.

I’ve never been a huge fan of bucket lists – because – it’s just a list. And while a list is good at keeping you on track, they also force you to constantly think about the future – so much so – that you forget about today. If you’re going to make a list, maybe you should stop making “life lists” and start making a list for this month, this week, even today.

That’s what’s next for me, that’s what I’m committing to moving forward, not focusing on the end result, the final destination, but spending more time to relish in the little moments and embracing the “now” more often.

What goals are you working toward? What’s holding you back from achieving them? What can you start doing right now to make those goals a reality?

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