Alright folks – this week was nuts. The days and weeks are starting to blur together…and it’s already almost April? WTF mate? So – I apologize but being out of town this week threw me off and greatly limited the amount of time I had to put together my beloved Friday tradition here. Fear not though, I’ve assembled a few of the best from around the web this week – can’t miss posts that you’d be doing yourself a disservice by NOT checking out.

I mentioned being out of town – I had the honor and privilege of speaking at the IRI CPG Summit in San Antonio with 3 other amazing Gen-Yers as we chatted about “Marketing to Millennials in front of 1,000+ retail exec’s. It was a great time, AWESOME conversation that will inspire many future posts here and possibly a few new projects. For a recap, head over to the CPG Summit site and check out the video from Day 2 – or stop by Brandweek for their feature on our Panel.

What were some of your blog highlights from this week? Better yet, what NEW blog discoveries did you make?

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