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What Do You Think About While You Run?

What do I think about while I run? Well, the video below pretty much sums it up. Nipple chafing. (Not) pooping your pants. Top 40 hits from the 90s…

If I’m going to survive 26.2, I better tape up, go easy on the Kashi Fiber-Crisp cereal, and brush up on my Matchbox 20 (though I’m already well-versed on Salt n’ Pepa, Ace of Base, and Montell Jordan).

To all you runners out there: What do you think about while you’re hitting the pavement?

Thanks to Cali Harris for sharing this gem with me.

(Can’t see the video? Click here)

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  1. Nothing. I think about nothing. That’s probably my favorite part about running, totally clears my mind. Love the video! Great find.

    • Nothing? Really? I always find that my mind is swirling. I love running because it gives me time to think, and think clearly. I always come back feeling more focused and clear-minded.

      • Yup! Honestly go mindless for the majority of it. I think I get lost in the rhythm of listening to my feet hit the ground. Sort of makes me forget that I’m running, then the moment I think of running I get tired!
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  2. This video is close enough to reality to be hilarious. Can’t tell you how many times a song or a snippet of a song has gotten stuck in my brain. Usually, though, I enjoy the freedom for my thoughts to roam unhindered during a run. Can’t tell you how many blog posts I’ve mentally drafted or new projects I’ve begun to develop while on a run. I run, in part, for what it does for my mind!

  3. HAHAHA that’s an amazing video, Matt! Scares me a shit-ton, but definitely one for the books. I’m only doing a half-marathon this year, but I’ll be sure to record my thoughts as the miles fly by. Cheers to training!

  4. When I trained for my first half marathon, I just remember letting my thoughts wander when I ran. I wouldn’t try to think of anything. Sometimes I would think about staying calm, loose, and that I was full of stamina! Where I would run was I’m neighborhoods so it would be quiet. I just liked the sound of my feet and hearing my breath. Really relaxing.

    • I’m getting there. I try to distract myself with music, etc. so I don’t focus too hard on my breathing. I don’t know how folks do it without music – I blame it on the ADD, but I need to concentrate on something other than being tired. :)

  5. I think about a lot of things. What I’ve done, where I’m going and what’s next in my life. If i’m on the road it’s much easier to think but if I’m on the trails, it’s just as much of a mental workout than a physical one.¬†

    I will wear my headset for my harder workouts, but for longer, slow runs I take it off and listen to my breathing and listen to my feet hitting the pavement. How hard are they hitting? Am I going out too fast and I’m breathing shallow? It helps to tune in to your body so you can help distinguish a mental block from a physical one.¬†