What Are Your Options?

What heals you? At first glance, a pretty odd question to ask. My first response? Tylenol. Chicken Noodle Soup. Saved by the Bell reruns.

But I’m not talking about what you do to feel better when your physically ill. I’m talking about what heals your soul – what eases your mind – what, in the midst of all the craziness life undoubtedly throws your way, helps you relax.

For me, it’s having options. Understanding that, if a bad situation presents itself – there’s always an option to make it better.

The last thing we want in life is to feel hopeless. If you ask me about my greatest fear, without question, it’s not having a choice, being stuck without a way out.

I’ve been there before – odds are, so have you. But in my case, feeling lost and hopeless wasn’t a product of my circumstance – I wasn’t ever handed a death sentence – instead – it’s something I created myself.

I told myself I wouldn’t be able to pay off my debt, that I couldn’t leave my job, that I’d never meet (and marry) the woman of my dreams.

But 99% of the obstacles in your way – you create yourself. You make yourself sick thinking you can’t do something, you can’t get out of your current situation, and you’re at a dead end.

The healing comes when you deny fate and pursue free will – when you start to surprise yourself – when you embrace the one thing you can ALWAYS control. Choice.

That’s what has healed me this year – that is what has allowed me to create a life for myself that has me waking up, sometimes at stupid-early hours of the morning, excited to take on the day ahead.  The understanding that I always have a choice. Knowing that I always have options.

What heals you? How can you overcome the things that are holding you back?

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