Week One

24 hours ago football fans everywhere were waking up to a sunrise that was that much more beautiful. We stepped out of bed, showered, threw on our favorite jersey, gathered with friends, and prepared to watch our favorite team step onto the field for the first time of the year.

Week one is a beautiful time for football fans and football players everywhere. Despite all of the off-season talk, despite who is ‘supposed’ to win and lose, every fan everywhere possesses one thing…Hope.

We’re hopeful that the pundits and critics are wrong, that this year is “our” year, that our team has the ability to surprise everyone and win it all.

It illustrates a greater point that goes beyond football, or sports in general.

Nothing matters until you actually get out there and play the game.

All the talk, all the doubt and questioning – it means absolutely nothing. The only thing that matters is how you perform.

Every day should be lived like week one of the season. Every day is the moment before you run out of the tunnel and take the field to play the game. With the mentality that you can succeed, regardless of the circumstances and adversity stacked against you.

It may fit into the category of ‘easier said than done’ but honestly, the easiest thing is to just go out there and, metaphorically speaking, ‘play the game’.

What’s ahead of you today? It’s week one, hopes are high, go get the “W”…