Trust Me

“Trust Me”. Talk about a bold request. Putting your trust in someone is asking a lot, but it’s something we must do. It’s something we need to do to grow, to evolve, to learn, and to allow great work to happen.

Trust FallEach day, my clients put their trust in me. They pay me to find solutions to their businesses problem, they pay me to create the tools they need to succeed, they pay me to help think outside the box, but above all, they put their trust in me to develop something great.

At least, that’s the ideal situation. They’ll always be those with trust issues, who claim to trust you, but ultimately can’t put complete faith in the creative process and insist on having their hand in everything. (See: Clients from Hell)

My partner, Sam, said recently, “We all need more trust in our lives”. And he’s right, we do.

In our relationships, both personal and professional, trust is everything. Would you be married to your spouse if you didn’t trust them? Would you pay someone to build a house if you didn’t have confidence they could get it done? Would you hire a designer to create a logo and not have faith in their ability to design something that will be on your website, your letterhead, and your business cards for years to come?

It’s understood that trust happens when your wants and needs are met – when what’s been promised is delivered. Your feedback, your vision, your ideas, will always be an integral part of the process.

But instead of second-guessing and doubting, trust in the investment you’ve made. Trust the process. Trust that the person you’ve hired wants what’s best for you and isn’t just after a paycheck (if you think their in it purely for the money, look elsewhere and find a true partner).

When you trust in the ability and vision of others, you’re allowing them to be at their best, which in turn, allows you to see clearly and focus on what matters. Trust me.

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