Time to Get My Groove Back

In How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Stella needed Whoopi Goldberg to convince her to take a trip to Jamaica for a little R&R (and a little Taye Diggs). Now, I wouldn’t trust anyone without eyebrows (sorry, Whoopi) and I may not looking for a stallion like Taye Diggs, but I, too, think it’s about time I got my groove back.

I get it, you’re busy, you’ve got a million things to do, places to be, and way too much to think about. I think I feel like this, well, just about everyday.

Sam Davidson recently wrote the following in his post “Simplify Your Life by Paying Someone Else to do the Work“:

“I rarely meet people who tell me they’re not busy. It seems like these days, when you ask someone, “How are you?” or “What’s up?” you get a “I’m super busy, but busy’s good!” with a forced chuckle. The world is speeding up and it’s going so fast we can’t get off.”

Last December I wrote somewhat of a “2010 Resolution” post, where I committed to making more time for myself, specifically, more time for my health. To say the least, that didn’t happen. The ‘micro blog’ I set up to track my progress? I stopped writing it on January 2nd. I know, pathetic.

Maybe I have a good excuse. I did have the busiest year of my life. I did go through being fired, starting two companies, planned a wedding, got married, moved (back) to Nashville…amidst all the transition, turmoil, and triumphs I’ve lost track of one thing: myself. And while I’ve learned more about myself mentally, I’ve neglected my own physical well-being. It’s something I need to change, need to make time for, before it becomes a problem.

Over the past 12 days I’ve ben reminiscing about all the great things that have happened this year – all the lessons I’ve learned – but thank God for today’s #reverb10 prompt, one that encourages me to really think about the most important thing I need to take care of: me.

So: That means, committing to a work out schedule, making time in my day (maybe when I’m awake at 5am) to work out, adding ‘healthy living’ to the routine, and holding myself publicly accountable. (Go ahead and add me on dailymile, let’s keep each other on track)

I know it’s cliche to make a resolution to be healthier, I know that a lot of folks end up like I did this year, making a resolution that lasts a few days after January 1st, but this is a lifestyle decision. It’s me taking more time for myself, becoming a guy who doesn’t give the “I’m super busy, but busy’s good!” response when someone asks “How are you”?

Here’s to being more “integrated”. You know, that whole mind-body connection thing. I hear it’s pretty awesome.

What will you do in 2011 to make more time for yourself? Is ‘healthy’ living on your list of resolutions? How will you stay on track?

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