The Treacherous First Step

Watch Your Step

How often do you settle? Finding yourself stuck in a rut, knowing you could and should be doing bigger and better things in your life, only to be held back by not knowing where to begin – reluctant to take that first step because more than likely, you’ll trip and fall along the way.

How often do you say “I wish I knew how to do that?” – wanting to learn something new but not willing to ask the questions to get there?

Maybe you’re hungry for change, but it’s just too damn inconvenient.

Today, challenge yourself to take the first step. Put yourself out there, become vulnerable, take a risk, and do something that you’ve always wanted to do, big or small, but never could before. Whether you want to learn web design or how to ride a bike,  today is a new day. Fear of what the final destination may be should never hold you back from taking the journey.

Allow yourself to stumble and fall, ask others for help along the way, put your pride and ego to bed. The only one holding you back is yourself.

Don’t take a first step, take the first jump; the first leap. Embrace change.

(Image courtesy D’Arcy Norman)