We read blogs because we want to learn, we want to be entertained, we want to be inspired and motivated by others to take action in our own lives.

Whatever your reason is for reading Life Without Pants, thank you, I’m glad you’re here.

But frankly, I’ve grown extremely tired of the vast number of authors out there who share in one collective message – one mantra to live by – one key to success:

Do it now.

I say it’s time to cut the bullshit, people.

Screw the “now” attitude. Why? Because you don’t need to do it now, you don’t have to drop everything right this second, you don’t need to hand in your pink slip at work today, and you don’t need to be working from the beach next week. All of those things are entirely possible, and perhaps you should be doing each one – eventually – but don’t let me, or anyone else out there convince you that you’re failing if you aren’t doing what you absolutely love at this exact moment.

Your life can, but doesn’t have to, and doesn’t usually change in an instant

In short, the idealistic belief that you can, at any time, completely change your personal and/or professional life, is a hoax. That advice doesn’t take into account the bills you have to pay, the family you have to support, or the fact that where you are right now might actually not be that bad.

Can you change everything? Sure. Should you? Maybe not.

Life is short, and I’ll be the first to say that if you aren’t happy where you are in life, then you should stop complaining and do something about it. Every single one of you reading this has the capacity to be doing what you want to be doing, what you love doing, what you’re passionate about – but there is nothing, I repeat, nothing wrong with making smart, planned decisions.

What we need is more people like my good friend and fellow blogger Ashely Ambirge – someone who is passionate about sucking the marrow out of life, but isn’t blind to the fact that money matters, a lot. And that it takes more than passion to get to where you want to be.

Janet over at Purple Panda writes about this as well – and I absolutely love the attitude and the message in the quote below:

“Get your idealist romantic right brain out of the driver’s seat and let your logical left brain do some of the work and vital planning in order to start living a life of real intention, instead of the bullshit dandelion-up-your-ass hippy shit that rules your romance. It’s over. Cause baby, it’s time to get rich, bitch.”

Amen, Janet. And let’s face it – in “real life” we have real life problems – money DOES matter, the support of our family and friends IS important, and there ARE reasons to not do something today, but instead, be smart and continue working toward a better tomorrow. Or hell, as taboo as it seems to say on a blog these days, maybe you should stay right where you are and not even think about changing anything.

It’s about cutting through the warm and fuzzies, the “bullshit-dandelion-up-your-ass hippy shit” (as Janet so eloquently puts it) – understanding your obstacles and then thinking tangibly about how to overcome them, set goals, and ultimately, do what you love.

It’s time to start getting real. Who’s with me?

(Photo c/o Rob Williams)

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