“When I sat down and started thinking about the topic of change, the first thing that came to mind was that it is difficult, it’s inconvenient, at times it’s damn near impossible. But my next thought was that change is different for everyone. You can be a catalyst for change in so many different ways. Change is about doing instead of trying. It’s about accepting failure as inevitable and a step toward success. It’s about breaking the old habits and establishing new ones. It’s about how you deal with, embrace, and learn from the things you can’t control – those outside forces that will undoubtedly blindside you with change, time and time again. It’s about never stopping, continuing to move forward, pushing through when it’s easy to quit, doing something TODAY instead of putting it off until tomorrow. Sometimes you’ll move a little bit slower, sometimes it will feel like you’ve stopped moving altogether, but through it all, you just have to keep moving.” – Matt Cheuvront

Change isn’t easy. In fact, it can be downright inconvenient. It’ll undoubtedly will throw you off course and shake up an otherwise comfortable routine.  With that in mind I gathered 40 of my fellow bloggers and compiled The Inconvenience of Change – an ebook that’ll help you navigate the changes in your own life, and leave you empowered to face upcoming challenges and transitions with confidence.

What you’ll get:

  • 38 bloggers from (literally) around the world sharing their personal stories and perspective on change.
  • 74 pages of inspiration and motivation. If you’re sitting back and waiting for change to happen to you, download this ebook and learn how you can start bringing about change yourself!
  • 1 unified mission: Inspire change. Hear stories on how people inspired social change in their community, defied the odds and overcome great obstacles, and rejected the naysayers in pursuit of their own happiness.

I believe passionately that the messages shared within The Inconvenience of Change need to be heard and deserve to be shared. I’m happy to offer this ebook 100% free of charge – in return – all I ask is that if you like what you read – if it at all resonated with you and inspired you, share it with someone else. Share it on Twitter, email a copy to your friends, or print it out and share it with your friends, family, peers, or colleagues.

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