The Importance of Customer Service with a Side of Relationship Advice

Holding HandsWe’re all fully aware of the dating process. You put in you’re time – brush up on your charm skills, take her out for a nice seafood dinner (and then hopefully call her again), play the role of the gentleman as you politely decline to ‘come up for coffee’ for the first few dates – all of this leads up to that fateful moment – you’re at her door, you lean in, overcoming the awkward silence, and land the first kiss. One thing leads to another and before you know it you have three kids, a second mortgage, and floral bedsheets.

Relationships take work, they take time to develop and commitment on your part. We all know the ‘rules’ – we know what it takes to get someone to (hopefully) fall in love with us (women, the above examples applies to you as well, I’m not singling men out here). But so often we forget that these same practices, the wining and dining, swooning and complimenting – they carry over to the business world. Providing exceptional customer service goes hand in hand with opening the door, complimenting her on her new haircut, and yes, even paying for dinner (or at least reaching for the check). It’s all about providing a memorable experience that keeps them coming back again and again.

Times they are a-changing. We’re no longer living in an economical dictatorship. People don’t want to be told what to do, they want to be provided with information.  They want YOU, as the seller, to persuade them, to convince them that what you’re ‘selling’ is better than the rest. Those who master the art of persuasion, the give and take, and understand that ultimately the final buying decision is up to the customer, are the ones who will realize the most success.

Just as you can’t make people fall in love with you, you can’t make them buy what you’re selling. It’s all about romancing your customers – turning on the charm, taking them by the hand (figuratively speaking), and giving them a reason to fall in love with you, your product, and your service.

James Chartland over at CopyBlogger sums it up perfectly in his recent article: Old School Marketing No Longer Working? Blame Canada

No one wants to be told what to do anymore. They want to be persuaded, gently convinced that what you have to sell is really good for them…

So now everyone wants you to be helpful like that. They want you to give them valuable information and tell them directions and hold open doors for them. They need to know that you’re willing to give before you receive.

No more me, myself and I. It’s all about asking what you can do for your customers today.

Next time you’re wondering how you’re startup can compete with the big businesses of the world – throw on the charm and remember that customer service goes a long way.