How to Spend the First Hour of Your Day.

What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up? Going back to bed? Coffee? How about doing something amazing for yourself or for someone else? How about hustling to build your business idea? What about discovering a passion you never knew existed? Or maybe something as simple as being able to watch the sunrise?

It’s no secret that the secret to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and innovative minds boils down to one thing: They wake up early.

But it’s not the “waking up early” part I want to talk about today – whether your crazy like me and wake up at 4am, or sleep until noon, the most important part of your day is the first hour your awake. That first hour sets the tone for everything that follows. How are you spending that time? I’ve got a few suggestions to help you make the most of that (extremely important) first hour.

1. Treat ‘yoself.

This doesn’t have to at all be work or productivity related. This could mean reading, listening to music, watching ridiculous Youtube videos, or going for a run. Do something that makes you feel good. Do something that relaxes you. That makes you smile. That improves your mood.

If you’re reading this and saying, “I don’t have time to do any of that” – Ahem, Make time. Wake up earlier. Your relationship with yourself is the most important you’ll ever have. If you don’t take good care of yourself, you’ll be totally worthless at taking care of your spouse, your friends, or your clients.

2. Write.

Write for your blog. Write in a journal. Start working on the book you’ve been dreaming about (need to take my own advice on this one). Write in the morning when your mind is fresh. When it’s sharp. You don’t have to write for anyone but yourself – but if you take a few minutes, even 10 or 20, and write what first comes to mind – what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking – from the heart, without holding back or editing yourself, you’ll feel refreshed, and likely surprise yourself at what you can create when you write with a clear, sharp mind that isn’t diluted or edited by the clutter of the day. Just write.

3. Go out of your way for someone else.

Do something for someone that will surprise them. Take on a task that is assigned to someone else and let them know that it’s taken care of. Make breakfast for your spouse. Leave a meaningful comment on your favorite blog to let the author know that the post hit home and had an impact. It doesn’t have to be big – it just has to be something.

Imagine if you took 5 minutes each day to surprise and delight someone else. That’s 365 unexpected acts of kindness, generosity, and just plain good-ness. The world would be a helluva lot better if we all spent 1,825 minutes per year going out of the way for each other, wouldn’t it?

4. Take a chance on something new.

You never know how a day is going to transpire. Great things may happen, or you may be faced with failure and disappointment  That’s the unexpected nature of the lives we lead. So before the day has a chance to impact your attitude, for better or worse, do something that’s out of your comfort zone. Surprise yourself.

Go to a Zumba class you’ve been putting off. Send your resume to a company you’ve always wanted to work for. Personal or professional, the only way we learn about ourselves and what we’re capable of is to try – to attempt – take a chance – do.

It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail – all that matters is that you made the effort. Simply taking action is often overlooked – but even the best idea is nothing without action.

How do you spend the first hour of your day?

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68 Responses
  • kim Reply

    Great tips! I have to get my 8yo off to school and then wrestle with 18month old, so making time for just me is imperative. Love your blog – keep up the great work!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      As someone who doesn’t have any little ones running around (yet), I can only imagine how intense that must be! Here’s to hoping you can find some extra time for yourself – which I know is easier said than done as a busy mom!

  • Rachael Kay Albers Reply

    You had me at “Treat ‘yoself.” Loved this message today–and at 4 AM am, you beat me by a half hour! I’m impressed :-)

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Thanks, Rachael. I’m not sure if my regular 4am wake-up call is a blessing or a curse, but I do find a lot more time earlier in the day to get things done. Cheers!

  • Tracy Tillapaugh Reply

    This post makes me want to wake up earlier tomorrow and do some of these things. Each of your outlined ideas makes complete sense (especially for the morning person that I already am!).

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      My pleasure, Tracy! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

  • Jill Ritchie Reply

    Thanks Matt
    Another great start to my day!!!


  • Doug Shaw Reply

    Hey Matt – this is a great post, except maybe the 4am bit ;) It’s very timely too as I feel in need of a reboot. I often used to get up and about an hour before the rest of the family and maybe write, or work on a proposal, or even just goof around a bit. Recently I’ve kinda drifted out of that habit so this is a very timely nudge for me to get back on the #earlyshift

    So today I have decided to take a chance on something new. I’ve been teaching myself to paint for a while and the feedback I’m getting from folks is encouraging. Often I send the originals to friends – sometimes they know they’re coming, sometimes a surprise. Anyway, I spotted a place called RedBubble a few days ago, which is a place to sell artistic wares. So – I set myself up on there and hit ‘publish’ today. As of now folks can buy a few of my pictures as cards, prints etc. Will anyone buy? Who knows – and like you say, if you don’t try, you’ll never know eh?

    Cheers – D

  • serge achille Reply

    Life changing

  • nicole emerick Reply

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. I woke up extra early today and there’s no doubt all of your points are right on! Printing for my office!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Thanks, Nicole! PS – I’ll be up in Chicago all next week – let’s get together and catch up!

      • Regina Reply

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  • Laura Click Reply

    Great advice, Matt. I wake up early too (but, not as early as you!). I switched my writing to first thing in the morning and love it. When I get to my desk, it’s the first thing I do. I used to check email first and it’s so easy to get bogged down in that, but I wait to do that until I get some things done for me and my business first. Smart advice.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Yep – I completely relate to the “checking email first thing” dilemma. If I open that first, I get bogged down in it, every time. It’s a challenge, especially because my instinct is to reach for my phone and get caught up as soon as I wake up – but I’m training myself to be productive in other ways before I turn to email (still a work in progress).

  • Christine Reply

    Well said. I’ve came into a screeching hault followed by a serious of unfortunate events. That extra hour in the morning, before the little one wakes up might just be enough to help me appreciate a few things and transform some of those dreams into realistic goals.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      It will! Without a doubt. I completely understand that time is the most precious commodity – and I completely understand the importance of sleep. But if you can make a little extra time for yourself first thing – before the day gets started, it will really, really pay off. Good luck!

  • Suddenly Jamie Reply

    Great advice.
    My usual (and best) morning routing involves writing in my journal (Julia Cameron’s Morning Pages) followed by gentle yoga and then the morning hustle & bustle with my daughter and then a brisk 45-min walk before I start work.

    I have noticed over the years that when this routine gets disrupted for more than a few days, my focus and drive suffer. I need that head-clearing part of my day. In a big way. ;)

    The “magic” is different for each person, but it’s SO important to keep that “date” once you figure out the thing (or things) that start you off on the right foot.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      We are creatures of habit – without a doubt. Like you, if I get thrown off from a regular schedule of writing, running, etc. – I feel totally…”off”. It’s important to schedule that time for yourself – even if you literally block it off in your calendar. Thanks, as always, for reading, Jamie!

  • stephanie Reply

    Within my first hour of getting up, I’m feeding my dogs and horses. Then I take time for me…=)

  • Jana @ Daily Money Shot Reply

    The very first hour of the day is spent getting my kid off to school. So I consider the first hour of “my” day the hour after she’s dropped off. I’ll usually write, exercise or both. Sometimes I’ll play with my dogs or just sit on my couch and think. I have no routine; I just do what I feel like that day.

  • Michael Peggs Reply

    Great read Matt. I also like to Reflect. What did I do yesterday that I can apply today? What can I improve upon? How can I offer more of myself; how can I be better? The promise of tomorrow is based on what I do today, and today is the result of yesterday’s steps (those that us backwards and those that will drive us forward)

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Love this, Michael. Great way to think at the start of each day!

  • Katie Reply

    One of my favorite posts so far.

  • Holly Reply

    Simple & brilliant, I dig this post a lot!! Tomorrow I’m going to treat “maself”…thank you.

  • Yiye Reply

    Dig this post! I started getting up earlier now and sort of don’t know what to do with tht extra 30/60 mins. This post helps me figure it out!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Glad to hear it, Yiye. Here’s to many productive/exciting/relaxing starts to the day ahead!

  • Sierra Reply

    Wow. I have never thought of it this way before. I am an introvert and I definitely need that “me” time, but so often I need to remember that I can have that down time in the morning. Thanks for sharing.
    P.S. Just found your blog and I love it!
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Glad you stumbled over to this neck of the woods, Sierra. Here’s to hoping you come around these parts more often. Cheers!

  • Thomas Bennett Reply

    Good bit of advice. I typically read a bit.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      You mean you don’t just sit and code 24/7? This changes EVERYTHING!

  • Kenneth Vogt Reply

    Years ago I was stressed out every morning which lead to being stressed out every day. Each day I leapt out of bed into a frenzy of “productive” activity. It was really wigging me out. Then one day, I got up 20 minutes earlier, not even a half hour earlier. I changed not one thing about my activities, I just took my time. Another 5 minutes laying in bed after the alarm but before getting up, another 3 minutes in the shower, another 4 minutes at the breakfast table, and I don’t even know how I “squandered” the rest. It was transformative. The minor cost of 20 minutes sleep changed my whole day. So if the idea of an hour scares you, try 20 minutes. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Susan Reply

    I love the idea of taking an hour for myself every morning. Having recently completely changed my life to care for my aging parents, including moving into their home as a caregiver (thank God for my virtual business that allowed this) – I find “me time” is almost nonexistent. Just this week, I started rising earlier in the morning in an effort to cram a couple more hours into my day. I fully plan to make one of those hours – or part of one – “mine”, starting tomorrow.

  • Stacy Reply

    This is inspired me to get up earlier this morning which lead me to sweep my kitchen floor and I got to drink ALL of my coffee before I ran out the door…SUCCESS. Thanks Matt!

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Sweeping the floor AND coffee?! Well played. Well played.

  • Clay Reply

    Brilliant advice :) Planning something appealing to do in the morning makes it so much easier to get up and find motivation for the day.

  • Srinivas Reply

    Hi Matt
    Awesome post , we both are having similar Ideas and the best thing u r doing is posting in the blog. Great Job .
    This is the Best article I have ever read in my Life related to personal life

    Thank you

  • BEAUTYBLISS Magazine Reply

    What an awesome article Matt! Absolutely loved it. I’m going to use this every day and think EVERYONE SHOULD!!! It’s perfect. Love your writing style too!

  • Caroline Reply

    Good advice! Now all I need to do is set that alarm clock …. and stop hitting the snooze button!!! With 4 small kids my mornings, days and evenings are fully committed but if I could get up before them maybe I’d get to have 5 minutes me-time. Despite the fact that I feel permanently tired, I think you’ve nearly convinced me to try it out rather than thinking sleep, sleep, sleep …. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Daphne Reply

    Thank you for this insight :)

  • Nirav Soni Reply

    Such a great motivational article is this, really very happy to find it…

  • David Baker Reply

    I spent the first part of my first hour today reading this post :) It’s a great post and I really enjoyed it. I’ll be back to check this blog in future

  • Pete R. Reply

    Usually my first hour will be on a commute, but I listen to good music and read great advices from my favorite blog (including this one!).

    I think the first 3 hours are as important though, not just the first hour. If I woke up at 8, I’ll be very energetic and enthusiastic for all 3 hours. My first hour is dedicated to good music/coffee/food, the second and third, I dedicated it to thinking about (crazy) stuff, hustling to build my business idea etc.

    I’m loving my routine. I guess that’s a good sign that I am happy. :)

    Thanks for this inspiring article.

  • Liman Adamu Labaran Reply

    Hi,i really like this piece,just to let you know,you’ve awoken me.Thanks.

  • Cherie Reply

    Hello…I stumbled upon your blog after doing a google search on “what to do if I can’t go back to school?” I know, not a big fan of the back-to-school thing but in my case very necessary since I did my schooling and work out of the country. Some valid points you brought up though :)
    But, back to this, ummm…My boyfriend’s work schedule requires him to get up at 5:30am every day. We are opposites on the morning v.s night person with me being a night person. Usually, the first 15 mins of the day are spent with a little cuddle time and re-connection (which knocks 1 and 3 off the list:). Sometimes that means me going off on a tangent about my latest sci-fi dream while still half-asleep. It’s amazing what this does for my over-all mood for the rest of the day and feels like I’ve nurtured myself and my sweetheart too!

  • Cherie Reply

    And oh yes, I agree you need to MAKE time. Did I mention I’m a mom of 2 boys? I just make sure to get up while they’re still asleep;)

  • Adeyemi Reply

    i never think i’ve come accross something of this type for long…this is a nice job done though i do wake up early as possible and my first job to do is to go through my books then later forge ahead to doing other things that runs in my mind but there was this time i noticed that i’ve become so lazy to doing all my normal stuffs again and i became so disturbed and terriffied so,the question now is,what is the way out?

  • Christine Reply

    As a stay at home mom of two my thoughts and todo lists are often filled with what I need to do for everyone else. These are wonderful tips on how to organize my time for me! Thank you!

  • Simone Reply

    Hear, hear! I love mornings. :)

    (Also, sorry to be “that guy/gal,” but you’ve got a couple your/you’re issues in your 3rd paragraph.)

  • Lene Jytte Hansen Reply

    LOVE your advice!!! Great article :)

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  • NAHID Reply

    I love this article, and I totally agree, the air in the early morning is fresh, makes your mind clear, the silence lets you have the greatest ideas ever.. very inspiring!

  • Julie Reply

    I almost always check email first and get it out of the way. But last week for 2 days my computer had crashed and it was interesting to have 2 days without email checking. In fact, no Internet at all. So I switched to my other computer that isn’t connected to the Internet and worked on my book and made some cold calls.

    Even though checking emails is important, it’s amazing how much time it sucks out of your day. Never realized it before.

  • Nomase Reply

    Thanks Matt, this is a big eye opening piece you have here. Will start waking up “very” early.

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  • Hawa Reply

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  • Reply

    Great article, totally what I wwas loooking for.

  • Keith Reply

    Thanks Matt! I’m getting excited for tomorrow morning already!

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