The Fear of Life

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” - Mark Twain

As we lay my grandfather to rest today, I can’t help but think about death. The first emotion that comes to mind is fear. But I realized yesterday, as I gathered amongst family at my grandpa’s wake – it’s not that I (and we) are afraid of dying. We’re afraid of not truly having lived a full life.

My grandpa, a marine, a husband, a father to four, a grandfather to five, and a friend to many, lived a full life. He passed away Saturday, suddenly, peacefully, and I believe with the comfort in his mind of a man who accomplished great things. Not fearful of death because of his confidence in knowing he lived a full life.

May we all be so fortunate. May we all be reminded today and everyday that our lives our precious – and that the fear we have about dying can only be subdued through living. May my grandfather rest in peace today and everyday knowing the profound impact he had on the lives of myself and many.

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15 Responses
  • John Mannion Reply

    It’s hard hearing older people talk about regrets. Makes us think about our lives now. Plus, we don’t know when we’ll die. We might not even get old, so it makes your points here even more relevant. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sarah Reply

    So sorry about your loss, but what an incredible thing to get out of it.

  • Stephanie Reply

    Matt, thanks for sharing even during your time of loss. You always offer a refreshing, realistic and genuine narrative that peole can appreciate. Thanks for speaking/writing truth and showing us how to make a living out of it too! Be blessed Matt.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Thank you so much for the kind words, Stephanie. I know we all go through losses like this, so I hope my words can be some solace for others who have lost those that they love.

  • Lolly Reply

    Very sorry about your loss, Matt. One of my biggest fears has always been death, but you bring about some great points to reconsider. I think I do fear it because up until now I haven’t been living my life as fully as I could be. Tragedies are tough but sure do offer us important lessons. *hugs*

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Thanks, Lolly. This has really shifted my perspective from simply fearing death to fearing living an unfulfilling life.

  • Renayle Reply

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. And your post really got me thinking. It’s true, we all live in this fear of not living a full life. We all know death is a part of life, but I think people are afraid they didn’t take the risk, took a leap of faith, and regret they stayed stagnant. My goal is to not have any regrets, and this reaffirms that. Thank you for writing this even while you’re going through a difficult time.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Thank you, Renayle. I appreciate you kind words and perspective here.

  • Chris Akins Reply


    I’m sorry for your loss. It is obvious how much you love and respect your grandfather. Men like him never die, as they leave behind those who always love and remember them.


  • Jill Ritchie Reply

    Your grandfather would be
    so proud of you… Well said!!!

  • Karen Reply


  • kg Reply

    Part of the fear is not living long enough. What would you say if you were to die tomorrow, at your age?

    I’m not as much afraid of death itself, as of dying before I experience all the things.

    • norelyn de la cruz Reply

      In one of the verses in the bible which says” For me to live is Christ and to die is gain”, depicts fully about our rewards when we’ll pass through this world. We have nothing to worry about when we made our life complete in the desires of our creator….our God..”Live meaningfully according to His image”

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