Temporary Holiday Hibernation

The holidays are officially upon us – We’re out doing our last minute Christmas shopping, sipping eggnog, baking cookies, wrapping up some final projects at work, and looking toward the year ahead. Above all – this is the time of year to unplug, relax, and de-stress. So, for me, the next couple weeks around here will be a little quiet, but that in no way means that there aren’t some exciting things on the horizon. Here’s where I’ll be turning my focus toward when I’m not throwing on my ugly Christmas sweater and eating Grandma’s gingerbread cookies.

Launching the ‘Pantsless Wisdom’ E-Newsletter

Life Without Pants | Pantsless Wisdom

It’s been a vision of mine to take what I do ON the blog OFF the blog in the form of an e-newsletter (ala Chris Brogan style). This newsletter will be a more personal approach on what I’m going through, people who have influenced me, and a little bit of wisdom from yours truly. I’ll be sending out the first edition on Tuesday, December 29th.

You can (and should) subscribe RIGHT NOW by clicking here and providing your email address.

Rocking out posts for the Guest Blog Grand Tour

Guest Blog Grand Tour

So I may not be writing a lot for myself, but I will be “wrapping up” some presents for other blogs out there who are on deck as part of my Guest Blog Grand Tour. 20 or so down, another 40-50 to go. Remind me again, what was I thinking when I started this? In all seriousness, it’s been a great challenge and I’m thankful that so many of you have welcomed me (and Life Without Pants) into your neighborhoods. Keep checking back on the TOUR PAGE – which is constantly updated with my latest guest posts.

And most importantly, spending time with my amazing family

Christmas Time!

That’s what the holidays are all about, right? If you’re planning on taking the next couple weeks to catch up and get ahead, don’t forget to relax and take time for yourself, your friends, and your family. Make an effort to show people that you care – that even if your life is hectic and busy, you can still make time for them. Say “I love you” often – it goes a long way, and when you’re out grabbing your morning latte or frantically searching for the last Turboman, say “Merry Christmas” to complete strangers – take my word that it’ll make their day.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! What will you be doing with your blog over the next few weeks?