Talk to someone

I get in my own way. It’s one of the challenges of running your own business. Talking yourself into brilliant ideas, then convincing yourself that they’re stupid and couldn’t possibly work.

The cure? Talk to someone. Even if the idea seems totally crazy. Even if you end up rambling on incoherently over a beer (or several) – simply articulating your ideas, the ones you’ve buried inside your own thoughts and chalked up to “crazy” – is incredibly important in turning ideas into actions.

You are your greatest supporter – and¬†conversely¬†– your biggest critic. But the power of collaborative thinking is just that, powerful. Alone, we hold ourselves back and can somehow always find a way to say, “I can’t” – but together, we’re capable of doing truly incredible things.

So grab coffee. Get a beer. Send an email. Pick up the phone. Share ideas. Ask questions. Talk to someone. Talk to anyone who will listen.

About Matt Cheuvront

I empower folks to do the work they want to do and live the life they want to live. I also watch entirely too much Saved by the Bell, run marathons, and drink plenty of craft beer. Check out the work my company is doing at Proof Branding.