Success: Redefined

So it may sound totally crazy for a guy who just got canned from his nine to five to sit here and talk to you about success – but I am a firm believer in that every single thing happens for a reason – and that no matter what, you have to keep your chin up and forget about the things you can’t control.

That’s where I am, not distraught about the “failure” of my last gig, but rather, excited about all the success and opportunity I have in front of me (and there is a lot out there – believe me). Besides, does it get any better than sitting at home in your PJ’s, developing some kick-ass websites for clients all over the country (and world), and grabbing coffee with some of your favorite people? I’d say I’ve got it made.

Success Ebook | The Life ThingWhen it comes to success – you don’t have to take my word for it. A good friend and fellow blogger, Jonny over at The Life Thing, reached out to yours truly and 30 other thought leaders in the blogging community to compile the Success Ebook. Who’s involved? Well how about…

Jonny Gibaud, Greg Rollett, Lisis Blackston, Colin Wright, Derek Baron, Brian Papa, Ashley Ambirge, Jennifer Smith, Carlos Miceli, Matt Cheuvront (ehem, that would be me), David Turnbull, Bud Hennekes, Gordie Rogers, Brian D. Armstrong, Stephen Mills, Henri Junttila, Scott Young, Sid Savara, Jun Loayza, Raam Dev, Alex Unleash Reality, Alec Satin, Brenton Gieser, Pete Mockaitis, Austin Evarts, Armen Shirvanian and Cody McKibben…to name a few.

You can’t pull together a list of writers more inspiring and forward-thinking than this entourage. I respect and admire every single one of these people, and I kid you not when I say this is one of the most impressive collaborative efforts I’ve seen put together.

If you were a fan of The Inconvenience of Change – you’ll love this ebook. If you’re a fan of being inspired – you’ll love this ebook. If you need a kick in the ass to get yourself motivated in your plan for world domination…yep, you guessed it, you’ll love this ebook.

Need even more encouragement to go check it out? Well, it’s 100% free – no strings attached. Just go download and enjoy!

Do yourself a favor and go check out The Success Ebook today!

And while you’re in my neck of the woods – why not share what success means to you in the comments below:

How do you define success? How do you achieve it?