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Stop Editing Yourself

Are you at a loss for words? Struggling to find the right thing to say, and the right way to say it? Stop editing yourself, and just write it.

In today’s video (above), I share some perspective on self-editing and why more time than not, simply putting pen to paper and getting your thoughts out there to discuss, explore, and question is the absolute best thing you can do.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s not always going to be pretty. But isn’t that what having a blog is all about? To challenge? To ask? To learn? To grow?

Stop hesitating, stop worrying, stop editing, and start writing.

How do you overcome writing blocks and your own self-doubt?

(Can’t see the video? Click here.)

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  1. Thanks for this message – definitely something I needed to hear!  Sometimes I agonize and agonize over every little word so much that my main idea gets lost, and my post becomes meaningless.  It’s difficult for me to let go of writing the “perfect post.”  But, I have to remind myself of this: there have been posts I spend hours upon hours writing.  And I receive little to no feedback.  And then there are posts I whip up just to get out some thoughts and ideas in my head, and I receive tons of feedback!  Not to say one should just toss up whatever, but I agree with you that over thinking also does me no favors.

    • You’re not alone. And there’s certainly a place for both. I appreciate as much as anyone a well-put together and articulately thought-out article – but it shouldn’t, and honestly, it can’t always be about that. The best writing is usually that which comes from the heart – the unedited, unplanned, emotional, passionate writing that comes out when you don’t hold yourself back and let the ideas, thoughts, and words fly. Sometimes, it ends up as incoherent babble that no one will give a damn about, other times, you may discover some brilliance within that you never knew existed. :)

  2. Music to my ears. Trying to have the perfect post has definitely stalled me out several times. You know, this is extra true when first starting out. There’s so much pressure in getting those first handful of posts to shine and on message, that it delays you from launching at all. At least for me anyway. ;(

  3. I like writing when my fingertips just feel like flowing over my keyboard or when my pen flies over paper (yes I still write on paper haha). Thinking/constructing a post, more often than not, may not be the natural way it’s itching to come out. Yes I do have thought-out posts, but it’s easier to write the ones than flow I think.

    • At the very least, you’ve gotta let the ideas flow naturally to begin with. Planning it all out before you even sit down often leads to over-thinking and the dreaded “writers block” (BUM BUM BUM). Get your thoughts down, then come back and edit it, make it sound coherent, and tweak it to your liking.

      And, I still write on paper too, a lot. Old school, baby. :)

  4. Love the vid, Matt! I am amazed sometimes at how long I can spend on a tweet. That comes and goes in the stream in moments. Just a breath. I agree. Best when writing informally to just write it. Save the heavy editing for guest articles, pieces you want to feature, and programs you are selling!

    Thanks! This was great :)