Stop Denying Your Purpose

In the video above we meet Megan Paska, a rooftop beekeeper hailing from Brooklyn, New York. In her own words, for her, beekeeping gives her a sense of purpose. It’s what keeps her “sane and connected to the world”. It’s her religion. It’s a passionate career that has her believing that for the first time in her life, she’s absolutely on the right path.

We spend our lives wandering around, trying to discover it’s meaning. Pondering what it’s all about. Wondering what we’re “supposed” to do.

During the journey, we spend the majority of our time not discovering our passion, but rather, denying ourselves of what really matters.

Because an idea isn’t logical. It isn’t realistic. It’ll never make any money. It won’t be successful.

But that logic is backwards. If you’re worried about the success, the money, and the fame, to validate your dreams, you’ve got it all wrong.

A funny thing happens when you really, really feel strongly about something. When an idea becomes more than idea. When it becomes a passion, a purpose, a religion.

When you invest that much of yourself into making something matter, the money and the success will follow. Because while you of course may stumble, failure is never an option.

So whether it’s beekeeping, accounting, owning a coffee shop, life-coaching, writing, speaking, teaching, scrap-booking, or golfing – don’t fight what excites you and what lights you up inside.

That thing that has you feeling, has you KNOWING you’re on the right path? Go do that, the rest will fall into place.

(“The Beekeeper” video via Made By Hand)

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6 Responses
  • John Paul Grant Reply

    I love it! Well made video and so true … thanks for sharing, helps me to realise I am on the right path

  • David Moore Reply

    How do you find this stuff?  You always have such unique post material.  I dig it.

    • Matt Cheuvront Reply

      Haha. I spend way too much time on the Internet. That’s how.

  • Ralph Dopping Reply

    Cool Matt….Have you ever read It Starts with Why? Similar ideas that you talk about here. Really just about knowing and being connected to why you are doing what you do. if you know why then it comes out in your actions; your purpose is known. It permiates everything you do.

    Thanks for sharing and congrats again on your marathon. Have a great week.

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