Matt CheuvrontMatt Cheuvront is an entrepreneur, writer, speaker, and thinker who is passionate about helping people discover the work they want to do and the life they want to live.

His approach to taking bold leaps and living without “restrictions” is inspiring, engaging, and best of all, doable. Matt preaches the “new” American dream – showing how ambition, dedication, hard work, and a dream can leverage anyone toward becoming his or her best self.

With his personal and professional experience, Matt leads interactive workshops and speaks at conferences and events around the country.

Below are some example topics and workshops I can provide for your next event, conference, or shindig. For more information or to inquire about booking, contact me here. I’d love to chat.

The Most Important Brand: Yours

What do cupcakes, Drake, and Zack Morris have in common? Maybe more than you think. Bob Dylan said it best, “Times they are a-changin” – Personal branding is no longer a fad, it’s real and it’s necessary to embrace if you plan to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. How we communicate, how we build relationships, and how we discover opportunities is directly related to the brand you create for yourself.

Are you set up for success? Or are your potential clients, employers, and customers stuck rifling through awkward Facebook photos of you from that one party last weekend? Most importantly, are you putting your best self out there for the world to see. In this session, we’ll discuss personal-branding best practices, learn how to engage others effectively online, and make strides toward building a brand, your brand – one that is engaging, authentic, and memorable.

Shatter the Ladder: The New American Dream

The days of climbing the corporate ladder and paying your dues are gone. New graduates and current job seekers should not only be asking “Do I like this company”, but “Does this company like me?” – Professional AND personal fulfillment is where it’s at in today’s competitive job market. In this presentation I share creative personal branding techniques that will make you more appealing to the right kinds of businesses and provides wisdom that will motivate and inspire those who want to turn a passion into their profession.

Social Media: A True Underdog Story

What do you think of when you hear the term “Social Media”? Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Anything your teenage daughter does for hours on her iPhone? Did you know that each of these platforms offer something extremely valuable to your business? Social Media was made for small businesses. Why? Because it allows you and your company to directly connect and build relationships with clients and customers.

Maybe you’re hesitant to jump on the bandwagon. Maybe you’re worried about investing time. Or, maybe you just don’t know where to begin. Without a doubt, these are common obstacles for anyone looking to get involved in the Social Media playing field, but those who do are reaping huge benefits that allow even the smallest locally-owned company (David) to compete with the corporate big-wigs (Goliath). In this workshop, I combine classroom-style presentation, real-life case studies, and hands-on tutorials, ensuring you walk away with a solid understanding and actionable (realistic) items to integrate into your own marketing strategy.

No Better Time Than Now

“How to screw up a lot, figure things out, get fired, take risks, start a company, change your entire life, do what you love and take over the world…in one year!” In this discussion, I share insights from my own personal experience as a young entrepreneur. From being let go of my day job to earning six-figures with my own business in year one, I will ease the fears of those wondering if they should take the leap toward becoming an entrepreneur, share the highs and lows of bootstrapping, and provide attendees with a tangible plan of action for transitioning away from the 9-5. Because let’s face it, the old “I’ll start tomorrow” excuse isn’t getting you anywhere, and there’s no better time than now.

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