Life Without Pants gets Skooled – Community, Collaboration, & Profitability

Skool of Life

Hello sports-fans. I had the fortunate opportunity over the past couple days to spend a lot of time over at my good friend Srini’s “The Skool of Life“. Combining a guest post followed by a 30-minute interview/conversation. He is running a great series in which he interviews one “up and coming” blogger each week – and I’m honored to be included into the mix. Here’s what you’ll learn if you decide to go check it out:

How to create a “platform of profitability” with you blog

Worth noting that I hate the word “profitability” when it comes to blogging. I never have and, at least not in the foreseeable future, will be a fan of advertising on this blog. But hear me out – what I talk about in both my guest post and interview is that anyone, even you, can use a blog as a platform to other projects that will pay dividends, both in personal fulfillment and to your wallet.

How I got started on Life Without Pants

The importance of not stifling you creativity, writing because you love to write, why I started this as an “escape” and a creative outlet – something I wasn’t getting in my nine to five, and why every single person should consider starting a blog, no matter what goals you have.

How Life Without Pants (strives to be) different

Key word here: Collaboration. Life Without Pants is, was, and always will be a platform that is much more than a blog – I don’t even like to CALL it a blog anymore, even though technically that’s what it is. I like to think of Life Without Pants as a coffee shop, a place where people can come together and collaborate on project, engage in thought-provoking discussion, and above all, learn a thing or two about themselves and walk away with new ideas.

Why transparency and honesty sells

This is pretty self explanatory, but often overlooked. In a world where we constantly are trying to “conquer it all” – we can sometimes bite off more than we can chew, selling ourselves as experts in something we may not have the slightest idea how to do. Srini and I talk about why honesty and an up-front attitude “sells” itself in the online space, both in blogging and working with clients.

How to build community – and continue building it

I’ve talked your ear off about building community, but now you can hear me live…well, sort of life, talking about what I’ve done here – the projects I’ve worked with you guys on (and even share a spoiler about an upcoming project I’m really excited about), and the value in leaving things open for conversation and REALLY engaging and spending time in the comments section, and writing/networking with other bloggers.

That’s just a taste – go check out my GUEST POST and INTERVIEW over at the Skool of Life today!