Sometimes You Just Have to Shake Things Up

Warning: This post was written under the influence of half a Stout and some great tunes.

Sometimes you just have to shake things up.

That’s right, sometimes, the cage has to be rattled. Sometimes, you have to break away from the norm. Sometimes, you have to throw caution to the wind. Sometimes, you have to ignore the baby steps in favor of a flying leap. Sometimes, you have to set a big goal, not little milestones.

Be bold. Be daring. Take a chance. Try. Create. Learn. Do. 

We hear it all the damn time yet we frame the advice in a way that can’t possibly apply to us. We tell ourselves that it sounds great but can’t possibly be our reality.

We want to travel the world. We want to start a business. We want to quit our job. We want to tell our parents that they were wrong all along. We want to do “epic” shit. But we don’t. We wonder. We second-guess. We doubt. We fear. We wait. We hope for the “right time”.

But what if there is no right time? What if you’ve been waiting for the right time for years and still find yourself saying that the time will come? What if it doesn’t?

What if today you did what you thought was impossible?

If you had to get it done today. Could you? Would you?

I understand I’m asking a lot of questions here. I also understand that I don’t have a lot, maybe even any, of the answers. But I hope that someone, anyone, reading this, will take a serious look at these questions – will ask them of themselves, and will come to one of two resolutions:

One: That things are amazing in your life how they are right now. That you’re doing what you want to be doing and living how you want to be living – and that you should continue down the path your traveling.

Or two: That something needs to change. That something’s missing – and that it’s time to find what it is. Not that you can do it, but that you will do it.

Because our time here is too short for anything less. Because instead of worrying, doubting, and waiting, our time should be spent loving, experiencing, and trying.

Because sometimes, you just have to shake things up.

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