Ready is a Myth.

Last week I grabbed a beer with my good buddy Brett and shortly after went to Jon Acuff’s book-launch-palooza (which, by the way, remind me that when I publish my first book, to rent out a classy old movie theatre and have a big party with 250 of my friends).

As the night came to a close and I drove home, one message swirled through my head from the conversations I’d had that night. The message was this:

Ready is a myth.

Being “ready” to take a bold leap – to try something new – to challenge yourself – is a myth. If you’re expecting it to all come together, if you’re hoping for the road to be paved for you, if you keep waiting to be ready, you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

You don’t need permission to start. You control the starting line. You don’t have to have it all figured out. You’ll figure it out along the way. You’re as ready right now as you’ll ever be to get started on pursuing whatever it is you want to be doing.

Hustle is hard work. Good timing takes courage. But there’s no better time than now. You’re ready.

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