I’ve been fighting with myself quite a bit lately. In one corner is the present. The idea of “living in the moment”. In the other is my ambition. My pursuit of big ideas. My wondering “what’s next?” My battle with complacency and fear of getting too comfortable.

It applies to literally everything. When I pick up a new client, I barely celebrate before wondering what the next opportunity to be. I come back for a run feeling great, only to be dis-satisfied a few minutes later, convincing myself that I could have run harder and faster.

Ambition is a blessing and a curse.

And while I’ve been telling myself that I need to let go of those ambitions to be more present and focus on the “now”, I’ve realized that not only is it silly, but that without my ambitions – without my hunger to do more AND my awareness of what’s right in front of me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

So what I’m saying is that it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to relish in the now and hustle for something more.

Enjoy the moment, but allow yourself to wander and wonder what can be.

It’s only through exploring possibility that we actually make things possible.

About Matt Cheuvront

I empower folks to do the work they want to do and live the life they want to live. I also watch entirely too much Saved by the Bell, run marathons, and drink plenty of craft beer. Check out the work my company is doing at Proof Branding.