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“The real goal of productivity, is to be present for what is important.”

So said by Rob Hatch of Human Business Works. This truly resonated with me as it came through my inbox yesterday. Productivity, then, isn’t a goal – but a tool.┬áIt’s a tool we use to be present – to make time – for what really matters.

It’s why I wake up at 5am to get through my inbox. So it doesn’t control me throughout the day. It’s why I leave my phone in my pocket during meetings, so I’m not distracted by the 32948327293857 push notifications that come through.

As Rob continues in his article:

“Every effort of improving the way in which we work or live should be directed at being able to be present.”

Being present – truly present – for what matters – is an often-overlooked yet extremely valuable asset. Present in conversations with our coworkers and clients, making sure they feel heard and understood. Present with our relationships, making sure our significant others know we’re in the moment, not looking past them distracted by the other things we have to get done. Present in our day-to-day tasks – which will inspire deeper learning, growth, oh, and, enhanced productivity.

The challenge is defining what really matters – getting to the heart of what you value as most important, and then committing to be fully present for those things.

  • My wife, Lierin and dog, Cowboy – they’re really important.
  • My family is important.
  • My health is important.
  • My work and role as a business-owner is important.
  • Writing, and all of you who read my words, is/are important.

I’m not perfect, not by any means (my biggest vice is Instagram-ing my beer/coffee/food, like, all the time) – but I understand and appreciate the value of being present, and I’d challenge you today, and each day moving forward, to be a little more present and in the moment.

The bad news? Time flies. The good news? You’re the pilot. Don’t let “busy” get in the way of being really, truly present.

Don’t let the hope of tomorrow ruin the beauty of today.

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  1. Hi,

    So true ans sometimes challenging, being present in the moment. What I also like about being present, it can help you ignore the past. Especially when dealing with people you have been knowing for a long time. Forget about what has been said or happened before, last week or a year ago. Just reacting on what’s happening in the here and now, that’s what it is all about when being in the present.

    Love your blog! Thanks.


  2. Great post! I needed this today. I’m moving to Seattle this summer to join my husband who moved up a week ago to start a new job. I’ve been feeling consumed by all the things I want to accomplish before leaving (and to accomplish so I can leave), and by just missing my husband. Because of this, I haven’t been present in the moment, even when it’s a moment video chatting with my husband.

  3. I like to think of productivity as a means for readiness. Being ready for anything that comes and enjoying the present makes for much happier days.

    Thanks for sharing, Matt.