Friday Quick Hits: The premise is simple, I write it in 20, you read it in 2 – and we all feel smarter and catch up on the week that was around the world of blogging. Here we go…

56 reasons to start a blog…but don’t take my word for it

Wondering if you should start a blog? First, stop wondering and go do it! But if you need a little more reaffirmation of what a blog can do for you and how it’s changed another man’s life. GO read Sean’s post over at Location 180. He’s culminated over 50 reasons why you should – and I happen to agree with every single one of them. Brilliant!

Want to make money? Treat your buyers like customers

Emily Jasper takes a look at B2C relationships with the plea that as customers, we want to be treated as such – with value and respect. I take it a step further in the comments and say, not only do we want to be treated as valued customers, we want to be treated as valued human beings. Building relationships with your community and customers is the foundation of any good business.

It’s OK to stay “Close to Home”

Sam takes a very “real” and personal look (one of the things I truly love about her blog) at the idea of staying close to home. With people everywhere uprooting their lives and moving to a new place, starting new jobs, etc (sound familiar)? The bottom line – staying close to home is OK to – you don’t HAVE to be constantly moving and shaking – and there’s something to be said for being content with where you’re at.

Liberating Yourself from Fear and Routine to Achieve Greatness

Sticking with this “real” theme – Lindsey Tramuta wrote and outstanding guest post over at Untemplater on the idea of Location Independence. In short, it’s not all working from the beach, sipping wine, and mingling with rich so-and-so’s. Location Independence is hard, and it takes a lot of planning to get there and strong will to maintain. If this is something your considering, take the advice of someone else who’s been there, done that.

3 Reasons Why Expertise Costs Money

I love this post by Amber Naslund – especially for her point about “mistakes costing money” – The reason we hire outside help and consultation? Well, a big reason is because we don’t have the time, energy, or funds to make mistakes – in some cases, it’s extremely valuable to pay someone who’s been down the path before to come in and show you the way. What’s most important to me, and what I do with everyone I work with, is not only showing them the way, but teaching them how to get there themselves in the future.

Why People Aren’t Reading Your Guest Post Series

And last – Ryan Stephens sparked a great discussion on his blog earlier this week about the concept of “Guest Post series” – which is obviously something I know a lot about with The Inconvenience of Change series I ran back in May. Are they interesting or are they completely overdone? What does it take to keep your interest throughout these series? Stop by Ryan’s blog and share some of your thoughts…

Side-note: While I have you here – be sure to stop by and check out Srinivas Rao’s new project, – he’s interviewing a TON of upcoming bloggers and putting together a sweet ebook recep (Blogger Gems). Good stuff coming out of his camp.

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