Passion with a Dose of Realism

Would you jump out of a plane without a parachute? Yeah…didn’t think so. In life, in your career, before you take a leap, it’s important to have a plan, to calculate the risk, and to plan for possible scenarios and outcomes.

Today’s “lesson” in the video below is simple – pursuing your passion isn’t something everyone can do right now, at this very moment. For some, quitting your job, moving to another country and starting your own business tomorrow is impossible. And that’s OK.

I recorded the video below for one simple reason: To remind us all (myself included) that thinking things through, saving money and planning for a better tomorrow does not mean you aren’t making the most of today. Idealism must come with a dose of realism.

Don’t get TOO complacent and convince yourself that you can’t do something (because you can) – but it’s equally important not to beat yourself up if you can’t do it all today.

You’re not settling if you’re being smart…

(Can’t see the video? Click Here)

What passions are you currently pursuing? What are you doing to plan for them? When have you had to take your own personal or professional leaps of faith in the past?