Freedom Fighting and Business Building

The following is a guest post from Maren Kate. Maren is an entrepreneur, aspiring internet marketer and avid writer. Do yourself a favor and follow Maren on her journey by reading her blog, Escaping the 9 to 5. One of the reasons I’ve always loved Matt’s blog is because he encourages us to live a life […]

The Struggle to Find Your Place.

The following is a guest article by Sean Ogle. Growing up, or rather being grown up, in our generation is a bit of a scary proposition.  Everything is so different than it was in the past.  Between globalization, the internet, and the sheer desire so many have to go against the grain, it can be difficult […]

Hey Gen Y, Please Don’t Take the Easy Way Out

The following is a guest post by Corbett Barr (someone I greatly respect both personally and professionally). Corbett blogs about Lifestyle Design at Free Pursuits, and he just launched a new blog about building high-traffic websites called Think Traffic. Follow him on Twitter @corbettbarr. Matt was kind enough to have me write a guest post […]

Breaking Away from Generation “Now”

It’s 5:30 am and I’m already awake. You’re probably thinking, less then ten words into this post, that I’m absolutely insane. You’re right. But recently, the days are blurring together – having recently joined the “no longer dreads Monday morning” club – I’m quickly learning that the old “weekend” I used to know has all […]

8 Essential Business & Career Skills You Develop From Running a Blog.

The following is a guest post by Srinivas Rao. As I’ve started to prepare for my first speech to current students at the MBA program I recently graduated from, I started to brainstorm reasons for them to be open to the idea of starting a blog.  As I looked back over the last several months […]

100 Word Book Review: David Meerman Scott’s New Rules of Marketing & PR

Readers Digest Version (100 words) I read “New Rules” over course of a few hours on a Sunday morning – it’s an easy to digest, straight to the point read that hits hard on two major points: 1) New media is here – its real – and EVERY company (even yours) should be out there […]

I’ll Never Go Back to School

…Yep, there, I said it – I have no desire to ever go back to school – no need for higher education – and see no value in putting myself into thousands and thousands of dollars in debt to walk away with piece of paper that says I’m smarter and more qualified than you. No […]

2009 In Retrospect: Ten Blogs to Follow in 2010

While 2009 was a wild and crazy year for me and my fine blog – it more importantly introduced me to so many other amazing people who are a heck of a lot smarter than I am. I read just as much as I write, and in 2010 I hope to sway the balance beam […]

Write With Passion. The Rest Will Fall Into Place

My brief blogging history I remember my first step into the non-personal blogging scene (I don’t count my high school Xanga – but I’m at least honest enough to admit I was a part of that club). I managed a blog called “Onside Kicks” where I talked about football…and, well, that’s about it. Around the […]

The Power is Yours! Lessons Learned from Captain Planet

When I was a kid – I lived for the simple pleasures: Cookies and milk, cheating at Duck Hunt, and waking up on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons. One of my fondest memories growing up was religiously watching a little show we all know an love called Captain Planet. For those who may have missed […]

Success at What Cost?

This blog isn’t just a blog, it’s a community – a group of forward-thinking individuals who share opinions and engage in compelling conversation. As I hope to inspire and enlighten some of you, you in turn keep my mind fresh with new ideas and perspectives in the comments you leave. This was especially true last week. Karen […]