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I’m not the best.

Discovery ignites the passion to create

I know that I’m not the best at what I do. You can work with other branding and design companies that have more experience. You can read the words from other writers who are far more eloquent and well versed than yours truly. You can follow leaders who have spent far more time earning the trust of their tribe. You can go for a run with someone who’s going to push you a helluva lot harder than I’ll ever be able to.

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Future Perfect.

I was a nerd. Growing up, I chose marching band over sports. I opted for chat rooms over roller-rinks. I rifled through Goosebumps books and spent every Saturday night watching Snick.

Like most nerds, I eventually broke (or should I say, attempted to break) out of my shell – went off to college, spent a year drinking copious amounts of cheap beer, and did everything I could to deny my nerdy roots.

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Starting is easy. Continuing takes courage.

Fear takes different forms and can drive you in different directions. It manifests itself at the height of success and at your moments of failure. A while back I talked about the ebb and flow of the entrepreneurial roller-coaster, citing that successful entrepreneurs don’t ever overcome their fear, instead, they effectively manage it.

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What Do You Want to Do?

So why are you here? What do you want to do? What lights you up? What do you take the most pride in?

In our professional lives – and in our personal ones, “What do I want to do?” is a question that demands a confident answer. Whether you want to design logos or build out your kitchen, go back to school for a higher degree or paint – whatever it is you want to do is what needs to be done.

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Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can’t, You’re Right

Resolutions are ideas we throw up to drive us forward toward accomplishing and DOING more. But I don’t want to sacrifice my happiness and the happiness of those closest to me in pursuit of DOING more. My grand vision – my mission for the year ahead is simply to live more fully, do great work, and focus on enjoying the journey along the way.

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