Overwhelming Love

What matters most? Who are you willing to do anything for? What’s that something or who is that someone you’d give everything up to have? 

Love it or hate it, today is Valentines Day. And while the world will tell you that you need to be out swooning that special someone with flowers and chocolate, this day can be, and should be, about so much more.

Today is about love. Which can be so many different things. But at it’s core, when everything else is stripped away, love is the most complicated and beautiful thing there is.

It drive us to do ridiculous things. It forces our hand in making decisions we never knew possible. It inspires us. It scares us. It confuses us. It ignites us.

But most of all, love is fulfilling. Down to the core. It cannot be explained. It just is.

The video depicts love in it’s truest sense. Love can’t always be justified. Love doesn’t always make sense. Love’s timing isn’t going to be perfect. There might be what seems like impossible time or space between you and what you love.

But when you discover it, you must be willing to drop everything and do anything to pursue it. To embrace it. To be overwhelmed by it.

This Valentines Day, celebrate the people, the person, (the dog), the career, the lifestyle you’d give everything up to have.

Today, amidst the cheesy-card giving and candy over-eating, recognize what matters most and say, “I love you”.

(Can’t see the video? Click here)