One Too Many Surfing Analogies

In an effort to get my writing swagger back here on Life Without Pants, I’m participating in the month-long writing prompt extravaganza that is #reverb10. And just as I am now trying to find a way to get back into writing, something that has fallen off my plate as work has consumed my schedule, this entire year has been very similar, trying to find a way to make things work and doing my best to embrace the changes that have come my way.

If you’ve been around this block for a while, you know that I spent some time (with some friends) writing about how change is inconvenient – it comes all at once – and sometimes (often-times) you can’t plan for it. You have to think fast and react quickly to the situations that are presented in front of you.

Change is inevitable. But it’s the only way to get things done.

One word to describe 2010? Change.

I’ve been through dramatic changes this year – I’ve made decisions that have shaped me into who I am today. Those close to me know that today I am a totally different person than I was a year ago. For the first time, I’m happy – both personally and professionally. With a new marriage and a new business, it’s amazing to think where I was and where I am.

It just goes to show that a lot can happen in a year, a month, even a day. Change is constant. For better or worse things are always changing around us. It goes back to that old saying, “When life gives you waves, surf”. I honestly can’t stand that line, but it’s been posted at a local burrito shop here in Nashville (of all places) and finally it hits home and rings true.

A year ago I didn’t think I had the capacity to make the choices I’ve made this year. I thought what I’m doing right now was totally impossible. I wasn’t thinking about surfing, I was thinking about putting my floaties on and staying afloat while the waves crashed over me.

Accept change. Embrace it. Surfing isn’t my thing, but maybe it’s yours. The key is to find your “thing” and, metaphorically speaking, start riding waves.

Looking ahead to next year.

Next year, I want to be summarized by one word: Growth. I want to grow my business, grow my marriage, grow my writing. I want to continue pursuing what’s ahead of me, while trying new things to experimenting with new ideas.

Because without constant growth and learning – without the screw ups and the successes – you’re just spinning your wheels. You’re back to wearing floaties and accepting wherever the tide takes you.

How would you define your year in one word? What one word do you want to use to describe the year ahead?

(Photo c/o jillandisaac)